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Academy for Peculiar Students

Discussion in 'Group Searches' started by HarperMadison, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. HarperMadison

    HarperMadison futanari math fetishist and rocket scientist

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    11:54 AM
    Superpowers. It's something every little kid and every adult has dreamed of. People have read comics about the Flash, Superman, Aquaman and other marvels of the fantasy and sci-fi universe, but everyone knows that it's fake. But some children, in fact, are born with supernatural powers so great that no one, not even the strongest of armies, could resist or rebel against them. They are fearful of these powers, and are sent to the Academy for Peculiar Students. In this academy, peculiarly-skilled children are put through various tests to study their powers and how to control them. This academy had once been filled with more than six thousand students, but as the years passed by, student numbers have been dwindling.

    That is, until the Awakening began.

    The academy's superintendent, Mrs. Gull, had been patrolling the halls of the school when she saw a bright red ball of fire ignite in the chemistry lab. Fearing for her students, she ran in to help many of these college kids, but soon she realized that the students were the fireball. She backed up against the wall as the students screeched in unison and exploded, streams of fire curling to the sky and smoke covering the blue and replacing it with a greyish-red color.

    This event, named the Awakening, has sparked thousands upon thousands to recieve supernatural powers, and the academy is now almost filled to the brim in students. But there are a selected bunch mixed in with the crowd that have stronger, more uncontrollable powers than the rest. Mrs. Gull has trained them, but they've failed every course handed to them. What will they do? Will they continue to use their powers for good, or turn to the wrong side and join the rejects of this frightening academy?
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