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    As referred to in our rules, we will have a process of age verification. This process is completely optional! However, if we, the staff, feel that you are underage, you will need to undergo this process. To become age verified, contact a member of the staff and set up a Skype (or other IM) call. You will need to show us your face and your ID in order for the verification process to be completed. Personal information such as name and address must be blocked out as they're unnecessary for the age verification. All we need to see is your birthday, your picture and your lovely face. :biggrin:

    Consequences for being underage or failing to go through the verification process as requested by a staff member are outlined in the rules. We just want to make sure that our members are safe to role play with other adults.

    Once the verification process has been completed, you will receive a lovely little thumbs up medal on your profile and under your picture on forum posts. This allows others to see that you are in fact over 18.

    Thank you for your cooperation!

    Staff skype addresses:
    Hooligan: cannibalcookbook
    Cecilia_Agnarsson: faith_a4
    Kitt: kindralloyd
    Miss Wood: misswood02
    Lestari: ailestari
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