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Extreme Blessed - a dark fantasy adventure

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Lestari, Oct 4, 2016.

  1. Lestari

    Lestari And we have sent you not but as a mercy

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    Since time immemorial, each Era in the realm of Ejszaka has been concluded by the onset of everlasting night.

    As the sun retreats beneath the horizon one last time and dooms the land to the tyranny of the moon, Ejszaka is shrouded in a darkness that strips its denizens of purpose and leaves them twisted, malformed, deranged. It's said to be an ancient, recurring punishment mandated by jealous gods who sought to demonstrate the depths to which humanity could sink if cursed with the void of destiny called free will, and only by the will of the gods does the sun eventually rise again, dispelling the darkness and leaving Ejszaka to recover beneath the aegis of newly restored purpose.

    But one day, the sun set one last time, and night fell upon the land, and humanity awaited a divine intervention that never came. Humans continued to descend into madness and demonhood, unable to cope with the anguish of free will: sanity and hope have become precious commodities in the forsaken realm of Ejszaka since the sun last set three years ago.

    There remains but one possibility of salvation for the tattered remnants of mankind: the ancient bell enshrined within the tower by the sea, the tolling of which will call the gods and bring the plight of humanity to their attention. Five nameless heroes are blessed with the destiny of ringing the bell, brought together by the keening need to carry out the purpose with which they are imbued-- knowing nothing of each other, perhaps knowing nothing of themselves, knowing only that they alone have the blessing of purpose in a land corrupted by the despair of free will.





    Think of these less as firmly defined divisions with binding stats and abilities and more as fluff, to provide some hint of backstory and capacity. I mean, obviously your fighter should not be hurling magic around and your sorcerer should not be bludgeoning demons with their enormous warhammer, but you also shouldn't feel too constrained by the classes. I will accept one character for each, though I'm totally open to new ideas if the class you want is taken or none appeals to you.

    Fighter: A warrior wandering the land in search of challenge and glory, well-rounded in all forms of melee combat. More than a few such souls have seen in the onset of eternal night an opportunity for heroism; they leave behind nothing but blood-stained helmets, broken swords, shattered dreams.

    Paladin: A knight of the mostly extinct Holy Order of Ash, as renowned for the implacability of their faith as for their incredible fortitude. The paladins are symbols of hope and conviction in these dark times, but in Ejszaka, the brighter the light as it shines, the darker the void it leaves behind.

    Ranger: Fiercely committed to the veneration and preservation of nature, these woodland meanderers make talented trackers and are deadly with a bow. For many, the beauty of the land is a welcome comfort, though it is, as all things beneath the sun and the moon, ultimately doomed.

    Thief: An agile trickster, lurking in the shadows with dagger at hand in wait for an opportunity to strike. In such dismal days as these, there are those who inevitably turn to thievery and deceit to survive; could it be that even such a scoundrel could save this doomed land?

    Sorcerer: A disciple of the fallen Library of Ismeret, whose apprentices channel the very spirit of the land to hurl lightning bolts, spawn tongues of flame, launch soul arrows. They command a formidable power, but in acting as a conduit for such destruction, they risk that ruin turning inward.

    Monk: A faithful adherent of the Way of the Shrine, which exhorts its followers to use magic to empower the weak and mend the wounded, flesh and heart alike. Even the lowest rascal dares not harm a monk, for their vocation is a noble one-- damned to failure in the end, but noble all the same.

    Scholar: A student of knowledge obscure and arcane who eschews combat in favour of insight into the unknown. While it is true that strength of arms and magical might is what it takes to prevail over demons, without knowledge, how are the blessed to even begin their quest?


    1. You do not talk about Blessed.

    2. You do not talk about Blessed.

    3. If you didn't catch that reference you do not join Blessed (I'm just kidding, get in here.)

    4. For real, you're all adults, so act like adults, plain and simple.

    5. Lore has been left fairly ambiguous for a reason. It's to be revealed over the course of the RP, by both GM and RPers. So long as you preserve the tone of the story (which I think is fairly clear by now), Ejszaka is your setting to help craft. Other than the tone of the story and the fact that only humans are permitted for characters (none of that elf dwarf gnome shit, this ain't World of Warcraft) you have a lot of free reign here.

    6. There will be no character sheets for this RP. Instead, when submitting your character, you will post a single sentence which includes the character's class and sums up the gist of the character whilst hinting at more to be explored in the RP. You may link an image, if you like. An example is below.

    7. If there are any questions, don't hesitate to post them or PM me.


    Lestari : A soft-spoken woman in the livery of a holy paladin, as indomitable in will as she is in battle; rumour has it the Holy Order of Ash was slaughtered by demons in the advent of the night, but she will not speak of how she evaded that fate.

    GPooh : The past was the past, or so the young man thought; A warrior that moved through the land, covered in scars telling his story, a story that no one knows the end of.

    Hooligan : A monk, seasoned in years as well as magic, seeking the answers to his dwindling faith in hope.

    Mellow : A breathing, tattered canvas wreathed in a pockmarked mantle; a sorcerer capable of few words that has found an attentive if volatile listener in the spirit of the land.

    Kitt : There is no one wiser or more knowledgeable than the scholar who holds all of the cards in her hands.

    Miss Wood : There was beauty in the wild that only the sightless senses of this Ranger knew, but with the night now constant, she didn't need to see the darkness that now consumed the land.
    Last edited: Oct 21, 2016
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