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Extreme Blood on the Tide OOC

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Hooligan, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Hooligan

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    Things you should know before reading the plot:

    • The setting I have is quite vast and often grows in intricacy as I think of new things. I have been building this world for years and it continues to evolve. That said, I am 110% open to new ideas and interpretations. I don't want to be the only one running the show. Just think of the group as borrowing the setting and basic plot. :tongue:
    • Character races are limited to four main groups: Men (humans), Orks, High Elves, and Dark Elves. There are no immortal races. High Elves live about 150 - 200 years. The others live a maximum of 75-100 years.
    • Magic exists but is not a prominent force. Think Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings. You don't see everyone throwing around fireballs or turning into shadows or healing broken bones instantly. It is a medieval fantasy setting, yes, but I would like it to be more on the gritty, leaning towards realistic side. This also means that certain races of people don't tend to get along very well.
    Thousands of years ago, in texts and scrolls lost to time and change and wars, the Dragonkin ruled our world. They were few, but their powers were said to be divine. They possessed the ability to tame and control the most powerful creatures in existence-- dragons.
    With this power, there were none to match them. Whether it was fear, or respect, or awe, or a combination thereof, the Dragonkin were able to unite the world under one banner, and under their rule, the world knew no greater or longer peace before, or since.

    But the peace did not last forever. Wherever there is power, there is corruption. Wherever there is power, there is resistance.

    The Dragonkin consisted of only two families. These two families ruling side-by-side were eventually torn apart by a trivial but personal feud that resulted in a bloody battle.

    The few Dragonkin who survived lost their power when all the dragons were slain as a result of the battle. The only thing that kept the Dragonkin in power was the fact that they possessed the last dragon egg in their stronghold, believed to be able to hatch at any moment they needed. But, this rumor soon turned to myth as the dragon egg laid dormant for decades. Their empire, Auralon (now renamed Jesparr), and their grasp of the world crumbled away beneath them.

    Northland's king eventually decided to take advantage of Jesparr's weakened and disunified state. He launched an assault on the country with his powerful army and navy and easily took control of it, forcing the remaining Dragonkin out of their last stronghold and, as far as the common knowledge goes, they were all slaughtered, and the Dragonkin were no more.

    It's been two hundred years since the Dragonkin disappeared and Northland took control of Jesparr and the last dragon egg, but rumors of a second dragon egg have recently started spreading throughout the land. The Dragonkin were not in possession of this egg when they disappeared, and an unclaimed egg is a very enticing prospect. Rumors of unknown origin of surviving Dragonkin have also started spreading across the war-torn lands. Some wish for a unification of the eggs and their inheritor to bring peace to the world; others seek the power for themselves.

    Countries: (percentages are rough calculations)
    • Kingdom of Northland (mainland; demonym "Norther") 95% Men, 5% Ork;, Jesparr (jess-PAR) (demonym "Jesp") -- province of Northland 70% Men, 30% Dark Elves
    • Kingdom of Denre (DEN-ruh) 98% Men, 2% other
    • Sezra 50% Men, 30% Dark Elves, 10% Ork, 10% mixed race or other
    • Hynn (HINE), the Realm of the High Elves -- 100% High Elves
    • Gorxoth (GORGS-awth) 90% Dark Elves, 10% Men
    • Queendom of Ixzian (ICKS-ee-on) 95% Ork, 5% Men


    • High Elves are pretty much isolationist, holier-than-thou, and absolutely hate most other races, especially the Dark Elves, whom they refer to as "Shadowskins."
    • Dark Elves' skin colors range from light gray to black. A historically banished group from Hynn, they made their home on the large island now called Gorxoth, run by a hierarchy of pirates.
    • Orks are a matriarchal, bestial people. The women run their tribes and have many husbands who fight each other to impress the women.
    • Denre and Ixzian have been fighting naval battles over possession of the islands within the Red Gulf for a decade.
    • Gorxoth's pirates continually raid coastal towns of Jesparr and the Summer Isles, taking advantage of the war waging between Northland, Denre, and Ixzian and going largely unchecked.

    So, anyway, if you're interested, post here with any ideas and thoughts and such. Oh, and please don't hesitate to ask questions about the setting and races and political alliances and whatnot. :biggrin:
    Last edited: Dec 3, 2016
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