Extreme Children of the Dragonborn (Char sheets)

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    Here is where we have the character sheets. OOC is here.
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    full name: Hisgal Volkihar
    gender: Male
    age: 23
    sexual orientation: Straight
    occupation: Vampire hunter
    marital status: Single

    height: 203 cm (6'8")
    build: Lithe and muscular
    skin color: Pale white
    hair: Dirty blonde
    eyes: Green
    distinguishing marks: Tattoo of dawnguard representation of the sun on each shoulder, tattoo of the sun of Auri-el on his chest and the dragon of akatosh between his shouler blades.
    Typical clothing: Dawnguard heavy armor
    Weapons: Dawnguard rune hammer, Dawnguard warhammer, enchanted dragonbone bow

    personality: Intensely dedicated to the dawnguard, his hatred for vampires is not universal due to his upbringing. He is intensely religious towards the divines, Azura and Meridia.

    Skill Specialization:
    Archery, Two-handed, heavy armor, smithing
    Magic: Conjuration, Restoration, Destruction
    Stealth: None

    strengths: Is a fast and powerful soldier and even has his own special Flame Atronachs that are much more powerful than normal
    Has absolutely no people skills.
    likes: The gods, meat, milk and desserts
    dislikes: Being considered stupid even though magic is the only intellectual pursuit he excels at
    fears: Being turned by the vampires he fights
    goals: To get the dawnguard more forces, recruited from the imperial military
    secrets: Knows all to well of his vampiric lineage.

    family: Serana Volkihar, Valerica Volkihar

    history: Hisgal grew up in castle Volkihar, surrounded by vampire hunters who made a great effort to ignore his grandmother and mother. His mother raised him, but he was heavily influenced by the dawnguard milling about and trained to become one of them. He tried learning necromancy from his mother and grandmother, but couldn't quite get the hang of it though he was good with conjuration magic. He learned Destruction and Restoration from the dawnguard and through his teachings and through his own self study of the divines and the Daedra he came up with a method to summon Sun Purified Flame Atronachs. They would become white and bright like the sun, have enhanced power, and their light was like the sun to vampires. This was something that the dawnguard and his mother were proud of him for, though his grandmother grew fearful of him.

    After this, she spent some time in Soul Cairn in fear, but Hisgal, in his denseness, went there to visit her, giving her fresh blood from his own body. After several visits, she found that there wasn't anything to fear from him and reluctantly returned to the castle. He began serving with the Dawnguard after she returned as they deemed he was ready, finally 18 and willing to part with his maternal grandmother and his mother. On his first mission out, his mother stopped him at the gate to give him the rune hammer and a bow the dragonborn had made for her and left her, it had a powerful fire and soul trap enchantment. He had never liked the crossbows of the dawnguard anyways and was thankful for his alternative. He was coming back from a vampire hunt when he heard of the announcement from the Dragonborn, calling out to his bastard children, asking them to come and prove themselves to him. He initially brushed it off, but headed for the capitol at his mother's urging.
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    Full Name: Licinia Pulchra
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Occupation: Assassin
    Marital Status: Single

    Height: 5' 4"
    Build: Curvy
    Skin Color: White, Lightly Tanned
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Green
    Distinguishing marks: None of note. She avoids distinguishing marks as part of her job.
    Typical Clothing: Whatever is fashionable for the area she's in. If she's expecting a fight, she will don a set of enchanted robes that enhance her ability with Destruction magic.
    Weapons: She carries an Elven made dagger, but more for show than anything else.

    Personality: On the surface, Licinia is a pleasant, easygoing halfbred Norn/Imperial, common in the wake of the war and occupation. She can be flirtatious and playful, or submission and shy depending on her needs at the moment. Underneath, she is loyal and faithful, but has no sense of value for human life. She is dedicated to Sithis and her companions in the Brotherhood, and takes her responsibilities serious.

    Skill Specialization:
    Magic: Alteration, Conjuration, Destruction, Illusion
    Stealth: Speech

    Strengths: Licinia inherited her father's innate knack for magic. Her aptitude for learning and developing magical ability concerned her instructors at Winterhold.
    Weaknesses: Licinia isn't much in a fair fight. All of her training and skill is in magic and avoiding direct confrontation. When an enemy gets in her face, she's in trouble.
    Likes: The satisfaction that comes from completing a contract, scrolls, good food, good wine, soft textures.
    Dislikes: Getting dirty, being arrested, being fondled without consent.
    Fears: Disappointing Sithis and becoming a contract.
    Goals: To become a Brotherhood Speaker, and if the Night Mother favors her, the Listener.
    Secrets: Beyond being a Dark Brotherhood Assassin? She killed a fellow initiate who tried to take advantage of her, breaking the Sixth Law of the Brotherhood.

    Family: Just the Brotherhood. Her mother was killed by guards in Markarth.

    History: Licinia is a product of the Dragonborn and a Dark Brotherhood initiate named Claudia Pulchra. Even as an infant, she was conjuring little elemental sparks. Rather than have her burn down the Sanctuary by accident, her mother took her to Winterhold, handing the babe over to the mages with a whispered promise to return one day. She was raised inside the College of Winterhold as a child, a magical curiosity, and a student. Her lot was a lonely one as there were not other children her age, and the other students resented this child whose skills were outstripping hers. So, she threw herself into her studies, finding solace and a friend in the sometimes harsh Orcish librarian, who took a shine to the small, serious child.

    Her mother returned when she was 14 and took her away, back to the Brotherhood. At first, the culture clash was shocking. The ethos of the Dark Brotherhood was so different than the College of Winterhold that she had trouble adjusting. But here, among her brothers and sisters, she was celebrated. Her skills were recognized and praised, rather than resented and studied.

    Her first kill was a mere two years later as she used Fury to convince an arrogant noble's bodyguard to kill the woman. Months later, she wiped out a bandit's nest with powerful Destruction spells combined with a sturdy warding. She found something in the Brotherhood than the College of Winterhold never offered. A sense of belonging.


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    Birth Name:
    Ylva Aelasdottir
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Nord
    Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
    Occupation: Huntress
    Marital Status: Single

    Height: 176 cm. / 5’9” ft.
    Build: Svelte / Athletic
    Skin Color: Fair (Snow Peach)
    Hair Color: Caramel Blonde
    Eye Color: Deep Brown
    Distinguishing Marks: Tattooed Nordic bands snaking up both forearms and biceps signifying her blood oaths to family and the hunt. Her mother’s three clawed face paint. Crooked snub nose.

    Typical Clothing/Armor: Leather Armor (Light Armor), Hircine’s Charm (Necklace)
    Weapons: Hunting Bow, Skyforged Steel Daggers (x2), Steel Arrows

    Combat: Archery, One Handed (Daggers)
    Stealth: Sneak, Light Armor, Alchemy, Lockpicking
    Lycanthropy: Latent, Enhanced Senses, Enhanced Stamina

    Strengths: Incredibly quick and silent Ylva is capable of scaling almost any surface with impeccable balance. Her enhanced senses make her hyper-aware of her surroundings, whilst her stamina gives her the endurance and patience to stalk her prey. A skilled Huntress she is defined by her ability to survive. Being a Nord gives her enhanced resistance to the cold as well. For reasons unknown she is not capable of contracting Lycanthropy through blood or bite.

    Weaknesses: Her passionate nature can lead her to being undermined by anger or vengeance. And despite not being a Lycanthrope (werewolf) she has inherited a few odd traits, along with most of their weaknesses: Silver, Wolfsbane, Belladonna.

    Impassioned and strong-willed Ylva is the true daughter of Aela the Huntress. Raised among what remained of the Compannions after the Dragonborn came to power, her values are based fiercely upon loyalty to the pack. Her insecurities lie within her attributes (height and frame) for a Nord along with her inability to inherit Hircine’s Blessing (Lycanthropy). Among other factors these things have pushed her to develop a hardened sense of discipline in order to prove herself. Perhaps too eager as any challenge becomes a game for the Huntress. It also has made her appear aloof and condescending to others, as her tongue holds the weight of a whetted criticism. Ylva values inner strength and fortitude above all else.

    Likes: The Hunt, Meats, Mead & Ale, Hircine
    Dislikes:Magic, Cowardice, Unearned Mercy, The Gods, Those Who Interfere In Her Personal Matters
    Fears: Never Earning Hircine’s Favor, Watching Her Loved Ones Butchered
    Goals: Destroying the reformed Silver Hand to satisfy her vengeance. Gaining the favor of Hircine
    Secrets: Has been denied by Hircine out of spite of her father.

    Family: Aela the Huntress (mother), Dragonborn (father)
    After the Dragonborn helped the Companions stop the Silver Hand he left Aela after short heated romance. With Whitemane dead the leadership of the Companions was left vacant, and inevitably fell to the responsibility of the Huntress, as the brothers Farkas and Vilkas left in search of a cure. Left to rebuild the companions and their inner circle Aela also found herself to her surprise to be with child. In the hearth of Jorrvaskr she would give birth to a daughter she named Ylva.

    Holding contempt for the Dragonborn she never informed the man of his child, nor did she ever share this secret with Ylva. Instead Ylva raised her daughter among the Companions in Whiterun and chose to spread the Gift of Hircine to their most devoted warriors. These werewolves would be held to a high standard and the laws set by the Harbinger (Aela) were to be kept. Ylva grew to the praise and worship of Hircine, and was a member of the Companions by the time she was ready to take on the responsibilities of adulthood (thirteen years old).

    It was expected that she would also take the rite of passage and inherit Hircine’s Gift. But it never came. Even through drinking of her mother’s beastblood the transformation never came over the young girl. This was a source of shame for Ylva who believed herself unworthy of the Daedric Princes gift, and drove her to prove herself.

    Despite her inability to become a Werewolf she became a valuable member of the Companions as one of their best Hunters following in her mother’s path. But in the shadows a nefarious group rose to infiltrate the Companions, and by the time Ylva was Twenty-Two she was present to witness the Massacre of Jorrvaskr. The Silver Hand had reformed in the shadows and plotted their vengeance earning a place in the Circle. In a fell swoop the leadership of the Companions was slaughtered with other members intending to rid the Nine Holds of Skyrim of the wolf plague.

    Having managed to escape the Silver Hand, Ylva Aelasdottir, fled to the Reach vowing vengeance for the death of her mothers and friends. Few of the companions still remain but Ylva has not sought them out until she has found her retribution. In the time sense she found her way to Markarth hunting beasts and Forsworn for gold.

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    Name: Nadina, daughter of the Lioness
    Species: Nord
    Sex: Female
    Age: 22
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Sellsword
    Marital status: Single

    Armor: Known to wear anything from Heavy Iron to Steel(heavy armor)
    Weapon: Inherited Grimsever

    Height: 6'4"
    Weight: 165 lbs
    Build: Athletic
    Hair: Copper
    Eyes: Green
    Distinguishing marks: Scar across her left eyebrow where hair doesn't grow anymore, freckles, battle paint

    Personality: kind, helpful , protective yet intimidating , Nadina has inherited these traits from her mother , who still looks over the city of Riften with Aerin, their long time family friend. She also has a temper and no patience for cruel intentioned people.

    Skill Specialization
    Combat: One handed/ dual, Two handed, Shields
    Skills: Speech, Smithing, Heavy Armor

    Strengths: practically a tank and an agile one at that, she can run faster than she looks and hits harder than most men
    Weaknesses: temperamental, quick to judge
    Likes: Puppies, sweet rolls! , hunting
    Dislikes: the Gods, bandits, thieves, those who kill without purpose
    Fears: becoming what she hates
    Goals: To be a good person and always do right by herself and others, to go on an adventure as her mother did

    Family: Mjoll the Lioness (mother) , Aerin (long time family friend)

    History: Nadina was the product of a one night stand between her mother and the dragonborn after he helped retrieve her mother's sword, Grimsever, which she now yields. She grew up living with Aerin in his home, learning from him and her mother, how to wield the sword. They taught her about the problems within the city that seemed to always return even they thought they had cleared it out.
    She learned to hunt, use the sword and became a sort of vigilante for the city just as her mother had been. She also had a tendency to bring home stray animals for keeping, something that Aerin didn't care much for. It's the compassionate part about her that made her want to stay in the city and help it regain its former glory. This meant ridding it of the dirty guards, the thieves guild and even the Black-briars, who claimed to be doing good things but really they were the ones controlling things and half the reason the city wasn't improving.
    Because of them , Nadina was tempted to do things she never would have thought to try before , but instead, she worked hard , earned her gold to set aside for someone else to do the dirty work and decided to make a request to the Dark Brotherhood. It went against everything she believed in, but she felt strongly enough about it, believing that without Maven around, that perhaps the city could flourish once more.
    But before she could make that request, it would seem that a Destiny had already been chosen for her. Her mother had received a letter from the Dragonborn, asking that Nadina come Right away, and the Lioness refused to send her, but Nadina wanted to go. This could be the adventure she was craving , a chance to see the world. And with a tearful goodbye to her mother and Aerin, she set off on her journey, taking part of her earnings and leaving the rest for her Them.
    She was ready for whatever was in store for her.
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    full name: Unn
    gender: Female but androgynous
    age: uncertain
    sexual orientation: Asexual
    occupation: Con-artist
    marital status: Single

    height: 152 cm (4'10")
    build: Slender
    skin color: Pale white
    hair: Bald
    eyes: Yellowish
    distinguishing marks: A prepubertal androgynous appearance
    Typical clothing: Robes or "Fine clothing"
    Weapons: Wit, and the wabajack

    personality: Obsessed with deals and bargaining problems with authorities and a callous disregard for the lives of others.

    Skill Specialization:
    Magic: Alchemy
    Stealth: Speech, Lockpicking, Sneak, Pickpocket

    strengths: Her previously mentioned skills plus occasional daedric assistance.
    Can't fight, a mortal allergy to random foods
    likes: A good deal, tricking people, the occult
    dislikes: Physical violence (when participating), the divines, principles
    goals: Enjoying herself
    secrets: Eternally bound to Clavicus Vile

    family: No living, Ysolda

    history: Unn is the spawn of a one night stand the dragonborn had in whiterun in the early days of his adventuring. Unn's mother was Ysolda, a merchant from Whiterun and was tought in the ways of trade from a young age. Through out her childhood she and her mom went on a few trips with the Khajiit caravans. On one of these trip Unn stumbled upon a shrine to the Daedric god Sheogorath. He granted her the Wabajack after completing a set of tasks that resulted in a dozen khajit caravans setting up digging operations to trade with the mole-people. Unn took a liking to dealing with daedra and set out on many a minor quest for the various princes after this, all without her mother knowing.

    Around the age of thirteen she traded her mothers life for eternal youth from the daedric prince Molag Bal. Her mother was to be killed by Molag Bal himself twenty-four hours later and Unn would be granted her prize at that time. Seeing this delay as an opportunity Unn quickly struck up a bargain with Clavicus Vile to sell her mother to him too for the ability to know if another person was lying at all times. When she woke up after the day had passed Unn found herself to be infected with Vampireism and Clavicus Vile waiting at their bedside. Unn expected to be punished for their trickery but Clavicus had actually been impressed with her and offered her a place in Nirn, his realm of oblivion.

    This is where she has spent the rest of her life from that point on. When the dragonborn sent out his request to find his missing children Clavicus Vile saw this as an opportunity, suspecting Hermaeus Mora to have a hand in the game, he sent his own mortal to keep track of things. And so Unn is making her way to the summit.
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    full name: Renova Cruit
    Race: Dark elf/ Nord
    gender: Female
    age: 25
    sexual orientation: Straight
    occupation: Mercenary
    marital status: Single

    height: 5'9"
    build: Lithe and Muscular
    skin color: Pale dark Blue/White (pearlescent with blue undertones)
    hair: White
    eyes: Red
    distinguishing marks: Tribe Tattoo on her left eye and some of her right
    Typical clothing: Daedric armor, or Nightingale Armor
    Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Dual Daedric Blades, Daedric Warhammer

    personality: Silent, patient. She thinks out the process of fighting before it begins, truly vigilant. She will never back down or give in to a fight until it literally shall kill her.

    Skill Specialization:
    Archery, Two-handed, Smithing
    Magic: Restoration
    Stealth: lockpick, shadow step (silent step)

    strengths: Steady hand, can hit a target from any distance spot on (arrow) persevering in battle, never backs down.
    weaknesses: Silent can be mistaken for hatred.
    likes: Azura, Nocturnal. Darkness, mead and sweet rolls.
    Being considered a halfling, half blood.
    fears: Being turned away by her own kin for her Half breed self.
    goals: To show everyone she is no different than any other warrior or being.
    secrets: she is part of the dark brotherhood

    family: Revanya Cruit, Ivlanya Cruit (mother and "father")

    history: Renova never understood why she was lighter than her other kin in her tribe. Growing up she was always teased until she flew the coop at 18. She traveled to Windhelm to only be pushed off to the grey quarters, where even they pushed her away. It wasn't until she hitched a ride to Falkreath after she recieved a letter with a black hand, "We're watching you" after she had killed someone as her first hire. It was an easy kill, but she liked to be intricate with her work. Once she met up with one of the members, she then went through her trial to become accepted. She excelled greatly through her ranks, to finally be spoken to the listener. It was the first time she was ever accepted by anyone for her lineage, and the Night Mother knew all of her and warned her times were to change soon. After she began to start doing Mercenary for hire, which was good pay for her skill, she also started learning thievery skills which also boosted her dark brotherhood contracts she had. She travels to every city and town, for only a week to scout out her targets daily on goings before she breaks into the house and sets a very shrouded but highly effective booby trap. Always looking like an accident. It was once she had recieved a letter from the dragonborn emperor that he was looking for his many children, is when she truly began to question herself entirely.

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