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Coin-Operated Boy

Discussion in 'One x One Roleplay Profiles' started by Ree, Nov 22, 2016.

  1. Ree

    Ree MORE.

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    3:06 PM
    Name: Merielle Foster

    Nick: Meri

    Age: 32

    Physical Description:
    Meri is 5'4 and weighs aroudn 110 pounds. She is healthy and femininely built. She isn't one of those weight-lifter types, but she does take care of herself through yoga, swimming, recreational bicycling, and long walks. She has red-hair and very fair skin prone to burning and freckling in the sun.

    Sean Mathews
    The creator - brilliant, arrogant, with a squishy, soft center.

    Some ideas for looks
    Joshua Sasse (in No Tomorrow - beard, tattoos, oh my!)
    Tom Hiddleston (because Hiddles!)