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Extreme Curses, Demons, Elementals, Dark Ones, and Dragons!

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Macleod, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Macleod

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    That's not the official title, but my own sense of warped humor. Now I'll say flat out this was inspired by several pieces, and my daughter, plus two people who were interested in me doing this...have now brought this to life.

    My daughter was reading and finished a set of books called the Chronicles of Prydain (Disney made one into an animated movie the Black Caldron) and asked me to write something similar to that. As a side thing while waiting on replies and answering some questions, I continued to work on this little by little...combining some work I've been updating constantly since I was 14, yeah I know 21 years's been a long drawn out process.

    Enough of my nonsense now, just know the kiddo inspired this.

    Right now on to the basics, this is a big realm, using some elements of various "real world" areas. The class system is also in place.

    So the realms, fun stuff right? Well the lands are interesting to say the least, and guidelines are interesting as well.

    There is an island separated from the mainland that is occupied by the wizard order, while the natives to this island have magical powers, others born with them come to the academy to study there.

    The mainland of the continent is bigger split into several kingdoms or baronies or simple local rulers. As mentioned before these are based off some real world locations, two kingdoms off the mainland are based off of France and Germany, further to the East you have Romania and a Russian based land, and to the South...Greece, Italian, and Byzantine basis.

    Now the world isn't modern it medieval/Renaissance time frame, no guns or cannons that sort of thing. This is a dungeons and dragons type world for those familiar with that, just using real worlds as basis. Each kingdom if you will has something plaguing it and as the player classes will be essentially brand new...the first area this begins in a the town under the rule of a local baron, Badion.

    More will be explained in the introductory post to the RP.

    Now I am sure this is the question on everyone's mind...classes.

    There are 3 simply put and they evolve: Fighter, Magic User, Thief.

    Fighter goes to Paladin, Magic User to Wizard, and Thief to Guild Master.

    Now on the races, I'll leave open for discussion, originally I had multiple races for play, but am hesitant since the last time I opened it up for that I ended up with everyone wanting to be an elf...

    Still if we decide on races we'll keep it simple enough.

    Now the same rules apply for use of weapons armor that would apply in say Dungeons and Dragons...meaning a magic user can't wear plate armor and use swords. Fighters don't do magic, thieves can't use wands. That sort of thing.

    If I haven't lost your interest yet, WHOOO-HOOO! I've accomplished something!

    So that said, the plan for my character is simple, surprise, surprise, it's a magic user! Though he's going to have a daughter appear with him, the question or dilemma I am having is about the mother, is she with the party or deceased. That's open for discussion as well.

    So there are some key characters (you're free to elect play one of the important characters, though they will not join the party or group) :

    The Dryad
    The Hermit
    Sheriff of Badion
    The Gypsy Fortune Teller, super important character
    The Gypsy's Fortune Teller's son
    The Burgomeister (I'll take care of this one)
    Shop Keeper in the eastern kingdom, she's a key source
    The Sybil
    The Oracle

    The first three will be in the first adventure, the others will follow as the story line progresses.

    Okay so humor humor humor, that's a key thing in this. Romance as well is key, and this will be bloody, especially in the Eastern and Southern kingdoms.

    Creatures I'll explain as needed, but just know if they are in Celtic, Slavic (Russian, Romanian), Greek, and Germanic. It's all in fair play. If you're a Greek Mythology fan, you're going to love this.

    Weapons, spells, and armors. Not to mention potions, will all be done as well, I'll come up with something there too.

    Now as for your characters, you have control, obviously I don't think there will be god modding, but don't assume your character can do something they can't.

    Now the background on your characters can be from the Wizard Island or the mainland kingdoms, but just know there are certain areas that the classes are favored or common in (Example: Badion produces the best fighters, the Gypsies and the Eastern realms are known for their thieves and magic users; the southern kingdoms have a mix of everything.)

    That said, I'll work on my character a bit more...between replies to other posts...

    Now bear in mind, this his fantasy, so there are certain things each character can choose from. Once the class is decided, I can give you a list or depending on what region your character hails from it should be straight forward. Again the only thing I ask really is that you work with me on ideas, that's the key to this.

    So yes I will have two characters entering this. But if someone does end up playing the mother or step mother of the daughter, they will share control of her. Note that by no means does the mother or step mother need to be a magic user.

    That's the meat of it, if I've not scared you off, this is where we can plot. Of course if you have questions, ask me, I am more than happy to answer.
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2016
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