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    Man always pondered the existence of gods. Higher beings with powers beyond comprehension which govern one, several or all facets of our reality. From the ancient Babylonian gods to the Greek Pantheon, to today's Holy Trinity - such a spiritual belief was constant throughout time and culture.

    Almost universally, religion defines existence with a start - the birth of the world, and an end ushered in by some form of prophecy of an Apocalypse. But no prophecy planned for how the world really ended.

    Mankind, in both it's zealous curiosity and it's spiritual follies, sought God many times - oftentimes causing great grief to itself in the process, such as with the tales of the Tower of Babel. Why is it that such a great and powerful God inflicted such retribution?

    Simply put, mankind worked over that retribution, eventually. In the process, it not only proved all religions - active or not - right to some degree... But it also proved that the gods weren't so infallible. In a war that would make the tales of Ragnarok seem minor, man itself waged war against both heaven and hell, seeking to expand their possibilities. The deities fell, their ichor staining the land below. Reality itself began to unravel.

    Fortunately, religions often pin reality as the dreams of the god. And even more fortunately, even dead gods can dream...

    Thoughts? Questions? Interested?

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