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Extreme Deep Space OOC Thread.

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Vexxum, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. Vexxum

    Vexxum The Planeswalker

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    Deep Space
    Welcome Crew


    Year is 4089, and humans have discovered space travel along with the discovery of mass relays in space put there by some race a very long time ago. These humans discovered other alien races. These races were hesitant of each others and the humans. But through a long debate and many years they finally formed an alliance and built up the Intergalactic Space Federation which were to find other alien races and protect the universe and explore it. We start our story many years after all of this takes place. There has always been the mission of exploring deep space where none of the species of the ISF have bee. So they built a new star ship, big enough to last the long trips the crew will have. Our Mission starts when our ship has found a new galaxy with a couple habitual planets that may support life. But suddenly the ship looses it's engines and comes out of hyperdrive into this new galaxy. Stranded in this place far from any ISF base. What will the crew do and find!
    It has been about two years since the crew was ordered on board by the captain and traveled into deep space. Two years worth of friendships, hardships, and some love ships. But at the end of the day, they were on a mission to discover what else lays out there. The crew had just found an unexplored galaxy after stopping and refueling at the outer most ISF base. They traveled there and al of sudden the second they came out of warp drive the ship


    1. Site rules as usual
    2. BIG ONE...Please follow the posting order. So one person post then another then go with that order and don't go out of order unless the person next gives the go.
    3. And if you are going to be away for a time please let us know so we aren't waiting for long periods of time. If gone for more than 2 weeks I will kill off your char...sorry not sorry. This also applies to me as well.
    4. At least a paragraph with details. We all need something to go off of so please.
    5. Any Alien race you can think of is game
    6. Intel...I know what's up for this rp and most intel is just basic stuff but if I feel that some char says something that could impact the rp or something I will ask you to change it.

    The Ship

    Description: This ship is alien origin, so it isn't an ISF regulated ship. But it is a prototype that was in the works between the alien race and ISF. It is a speeder/stealth class ship. So it is fast and has cloaking abilities. But being a prototype it was outfitted with more weapons along with a new technology for the warp drive. The new war drive is suppose to improve the speed and power output of the thrusters. Along with giving more power to the energy weapons of the ship.

    The Nightfall was (my characters) ship that has been used for deep space travel by one crew. But since getting new orders was docked and outfitted for the purpose of prolonged deep space travel which exactly the crew is onboard for.

    Levels of the Ship

    The Bridge
    Simple enough the most top level. This is where most of the crew is while traveling. Also where the pilot drives the captains chair and other things. And also a briefing room.
    The crew quarters
    Where they house the crew when they sleep. Not much here just rooms and beds.
    Even though this is a stealth class ship, it has science labs to study what ever this crew finds. It is outfitted with a whole hydroponics lab for food and general studies of alien plant life. Weapon labs to test new weapon old and new. The a bio lab to study any samples they get in the field.
    Where the weapons are stored both for the crew and other outside weapons on the ship. This where the Weapon Specialist gives orders to his underlings assigned under them when in space battle.
    Warp Drive
    This is where the warp drive is for the ship. The Engineer does most of the work here. But it also stores a lot of the back up energy source along with keeping the ship up on repairs and other things.
    Where the smaller land party ship is stored. Along with weapons (for ground troops) and other things for the ship that couldn't fit on the upper levels.

    The Crew

    Captain: Me
    First Lt: @Junnabee
    Scientist: @Miss Wood
    Pilot: @Lilla
    Weapon Specialist 1: @ComradeCommander
    Weapon Specialist 2: @proxy
    Engineer: @NovaCaster
    Medic: @labluelove
    Android/Ai: @mwiko
    Character App

    Post your character here, once i get some apps, i'll make another thing for char prof.

    First, Last
    What are they on the ship
    just in case you want romance to go on idk lool.
    Any alien race you want
    Can be a picture or just a description...if using pic put in a spoiler pls
    what are they very descriptive or as much as you can be.
    I would love a long history but 4 paragraphs minimum

    Alright this is just so people can get your char up. Sorry this took so long. Had to deal with rl yknow xD. But I will be updating this with the worlds soon. Started them then lost them so that kinda killed me too xDD But either way get your chars up xP​
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2016
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