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    Recruiting Thread: http://www.a-new-horizon.com/index.php?threads/emerald-city-knights.1943/
    OOC Thread: http://www.a-new-horizon.com/index.php?threads/emerald-city-knights-ooc.1947/

    This is a thread for folks to post their various Emerald City Characters.

    Bio Template

    Superhuman Handle:
    Real Name:
    Secret or Public ID:

    If apparent age is different, clarify here. So if you're an immortal being, something like 'Real Age (Appears 24)'.

    Description/Reference Image:
    I'd like to know what your character looks like in and out of their superhuman identities.

    Civilian Job:
    Student/Homemaker/Unemployed are all valid answers.

    Give me a single word that summarizes why are you operate as a superhero or villain? Justice, Thrillseeker, Redemption, Responsibility, Duty, Boredom, Greed, Vengeance, Insanity?

    I'd like a short paragraph about how your character acts.

    Give me at least 2 things that complicates your hero's life. Do you have money troubles, a demanding job, a secret identity, rabid fans, loved ones, children, an incompetent sidekick, an addiction, a warrant out for your arrest, a tendency to grandstand, a need for media attention, whatever. Pick at least 2 flaws or drawbacks that seem interesting to explore/write.

    Notable Skills:
    Not things like driving or cooking, but things you really excel at. Are you an inventor, a hacker, a doctor, an ace pilot, car thief, kung fu master, whatever.

    The good stuff. I need a good idea of what your character is capable of. Give me a sense of scale. If you say 'Super Strength', expect me to ask how strong you are. If you say 'Telepathy', I'll ask what you mean by that. Can you just communicate mentally, can you read thoughts, control minds, harm minds, drive people insane, create mental illusions... whatever? I want some detail on how you picture the powers working, and will likely clarify expectations/understanding via a conversation so we're both on the same page.

    Give me a paragraph or two about what your character has been through. Just high level stuff, defining events. We can always fill in backstory details as the game proceeds through flashbacks and the like.

    Feel free to pretty up the formatting as you see fit, so long as I get all the info above in your character's bio.
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    ((CLAIMS FIRST SPOT mwahha Character Work in Progress still Bouncing Ideas off Corin now ^.^))

    [fleft][​IMG][/fleft] SUPERHUMAN HANDLE: KALI
    || RP: EMERALD CITY Superheroes

    || REAL NAME: Aleksendri Koel
    || NICK NAME: Alek
    || SECRET OR PUBLIC ID: Secret
    || AGE: 24
    || JOB: College Student / Photography Intern for Local Paper

    || PUBLIC EYE: Appearance during daylight hours is a simple emo looking young artist. Working the world to try and get her bottom dollar and get her life going. She has jade green eyes and often keeps her hair the same Jade green color and cropped short - styled spiky from time to time.
    || SUPERED UP: Her colorful costume >.> seriously!?!?

    || MOTIVATION: Insanity driven into a Duty!

    ( Really? You want me to put on a cape and parade around the city at night righting wrongs...*Critical Stare* Seriously!?!?)
    [ X ] [ X ]

    [FLEFT][​IMG] [/FLEFT] First Impressions:
    -- Torn artist and lone wolf just about sums Alek up. A bit of a tom boy and rough around the edges; most people think she's a guy stuck in a chick's body - and a hot one at that though she herself doesn't see it at all. She rarely IF EVER dresses up to be flashy or sexy, however if given the right drives, she will go to any lengths to please or fit into situations specially when her job is concerned.

    She was raised to be a proper social Elitest, blending with parties being the idea of perfection when around others but always keeping to themselves. After her family escaped Russia and made it to the 'Mericas they would eventually land themselves in Emerald City. She grew up under the idea that even here everyone was always watching them, and so rarely made ties with friends her own age. This social oddity only grew more prevalent when she hit high school and started to show her talent for art. Her strangeness secured she was figured as the social oddity and took a liking to being as such. She has a hard time letting people in and only keeps two confidants in her world. She often moves like a shadow and tries to elude detection even in every day settings.

    ✖ COMPLICATIONS: Money Problems / Emotional Radar Imapct
    -- Course her money isn't the greatest, what artist do you know that has a bunch to spare? So so often times picks up odds and ends - under the table - type jobs as well as a varied other array from her 'Jack of all Trades' life style. She has cut herself off completely from her family choosing to relate them dead and thus has no economic 'Back-bone' to rely upon.
    -- Emotional Radar Impact : Relates to the fact that - since her abilities / powers on set she has been unable to function in social settings. Even when only one on one Alek finds herself under attack of control from other's influence. Unable to block the emotional 'AM Waves' people project she picks up on everyones emotional status. Forget Crowds and Direct contact - which only amplifies this Empathic Pick up she receives.


    [FLEFT][​IMG] [/FLEFT]Empathic Embodiment

    This one is a 2 parter and will have room for growth as we go along. So anything in RED is something she has yet to attain and CANNOT DO YET in story. Empathic Embodiment is my own idea based on Psionics. Firstly Empathy: The Telepathic Ability to pick up on / read / sense other's emotions. In verse Strong Empaths can both Pick Up and Project Out emotions. So they would be able to read others as well as influence other with their own emotions / or even simulated emotions. Next is the Embodiment bit and may be a bit of a leap for some but bear with me. Think of Emotions as actual Energy with Physical Mass though it's Visual scale is gone. Now superhero Kali found out not to long after the Storm her rage / fear and other emotions became actual defensive arms that projected from her spine that are invisible to the naked eye. With this in mind proceed to the full extent of this her ability.

    ✖ Empathy: She has the ability to pick up / sense / read emotions of those not guarding ( watching themselves keeping themselves level minded and or even blasé attitude ) within a ten foot radius of her body. At first this doesn't seem all that bad, how many people would be at a ten foot range? But when its active at all times she is unable to block out what she feels, she feels it all!
    -- Downfall :: When in a crowd for to long she will get overloaded, headaches, dissociative personality complex.
    -- Later Growth : This above is called 'AM Wave Empathy or an Introvert Empath' later growth allows her through direct touch to influence another emotions / give them a push for a short time frame or so long as she remains in direct contact.

    ✖ Goddess Arms : Her emotional Status, once she trained and learned what her own emotions could do, became actual arms that at first only seemed for defense. Invisible to the naked eye these four arms are nearly 6 foot in length each and can stretch up to 10 foot radius when focused. If one is wearing HEAT or EMF reading sensors they would notice the arms grow thicker towards the hands and wrists and the hands are nearly three times the size of her head. What's more like gelatinous substances these arms seem to be able to stretch and reform into various shapes - though will always retain their same Mass.
    -- Downfall :: These arms are not exactly indestructible but they are hard as hell to break down. Many bullets would be needed to tear them apart - superhuman strength would be required to rip them off of her. However, she seems only able to withstand continuous damage to them for no longer than 3 minutes, and can only retain / keep them active for up to 30 minutes at a time before extreme rest is required. These arms may be able to shield her from bullets, lift and toss SMALL vehicles, and climb her up walls - but beyond that she feels she is absolutely useless! They are not simply things that come out of no where either, they are empowered by her will her determination and her mind in essence, if she becomes emotionally drained, depressed or has her will crushed the arms will simply vanish. This is still very much a PSIONIC ABILITY. That being said if her mind itself gets worn out she will have back lash migraines.
    -- Later Growth :: Eventually these arms may be able to stretch further, lift more, etc etc. She will have to train them to gain growth in them and this means both physical and emotional training.

    - Super Hero Character Empath Embodiment – Inspired by Elfen Lied + a lil bit of tokyo ghoul!



    -- Alek was raised until she was 6 in Moscow, Russia - under suspicion constantly and always fearful for their lives, they fled the country immigrating into USA when little Alek was just past 7. They would eventually arrive in Emerald City -'A Great Place to Raise children' her Ma and Da had explained. How silly they'd been. It was still a city and cities always had edges to cut yourself on. She made it through grade and high school with little effort - mainly bored during her studies, only finding her true scholar once she got into art school. She now works as an odd jobs type of gal, while interning as a photographer for the City paper.

    She met the love of her life only 5 months back when out at night running the scanner she heard a lady under attack in the park. She got there and was enraged by the sight she found, cops were no where to be found still and two men were trying to take this beautiful lady in the worst of ways. Enraged, and horrified still she'd ripped them apart with her Psionic Arms. Fearing that the beautiful lady would turn her in she was shocked to find out she'd found a Super Chaser. (Someone who fawns after being saved / has a hero / needs a hero complex)

    ---- still needs to add a little bit about the storm must find out when it happened before i continue the history. ^.^


    Partner : Simone "Roxy" LaBelle
    Family: Sees them as Dead

    Friends: ?? Ummm Simone?
    Enemies: None at the moment

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    This should be a reasonably finished character sheet but there might still be some minor changes.

    Superhuman Handle: Vakti

    Real Name: Tshilaba Yalding

    Nickname: Tshi

    Secret or Public ID: Publicish, she doesn't hide her identity but she doesn't really know anyone except her mother in her personal life so it rarerly becomes a factor.

    Age: 21

    Description/Reference Image:

    Both of these pictures have been "borrowed" from the internet and are obviously not of the same person. The style should be resonably well represented though. And for the most strikingly different feature, Tshilaba will have the "In costume" picture's eye colour and skin tone.

    Civilian Job: Receptionist for her mother, who's a fortune teller

    Motivation: Responsibility, seeing the future and feeling obliged to change it.

    Personality: Tshilaba has a serious outlook on life and rarely if ever makes jokes. She’s calm and collected and tends to favor debate over combat.

    Complications: A strained relationship with her only family and caregiver, her mother. From this springs that she’s both financially dependent and that she lacks the education she desperatly wants. She’s also presumed to be a thief by most of the traditonal law enforcement, despite being inoccent. Her powers also have drains her energy at an extraordinary pace if used for longer than a second or so at the time.

    Notable Skills: She’s speaks mandarin which was the language of most of her friends growing up in the Eastern District and Romani Chib her mother tongue.

    Powers: Her power first manifested as a psychic ability, she gets visions of what is to come. Over time this ability grows more clear and imidiate and she’ll soon be able to use it to dodge a falling branch, back away from the side walk before a car drives by, or avoid an enemy’s blow. She can also manipulate the flow of time and act independently of it, which to others looks like super human speed. This takes a huge effort to keep up over a longer span of time however. She quite quickly found that this was something she had to be quite careful with. The speed created a force that her body couldn’t handle if she were colide with something. A punch at this speed would crush both what she was hitting and her own hand. After a short time she realised that she could eliminate this returning force by using the speed not to punch but to throw. By slowing down time around her while throwing one of her mother’s Tarot cards she could send it flying at the speed of sound a make it cut halfway through a concrete wall. She thinks that she could perhaps manage timetravel if she were to gain complete control of her powers but any attempt at this she’s made has resulted in her colapsing and waking up a minute or so later with a massive headache.

    Backstory: The Yalding family immigrated to Emerald City two generations before Tshilaba was born. They left their ancestral home of Estonia due to being shuned by the people around them as presumed thieves and con-artists. And so they went to “The land of the free” to escape persecution based on their (Romani/gypsy) culture. When they arrived they found that gaining employment proved nigh impossible even there. But Tshilaba’s grandmother refused to give in and instead chose to embrace the stereotypes put upon them. She started a family buisness as a fortune teller in the Eastern district, finding that her heritige now proved to be her greatest asset. The customers kept coming and the family’s lives stablized. Upon her death her daughter Guzel took over the buisness and she runs it to this day.

    Tshilaba was raised as a fortune teller’s daughter she never knew her father, who left before she was born, and has hardly left her mothers side in her life. She was allowed to go to school for the first couple of years but upon having learnt how to read and write properly her mother thought she’d been taught enough. She had decided that Tshilaba was to inherit the shop and began teaching her how to manipulate her customers into thinking her craft was magic. The whole thing sat badly with Tshilaba and she soon bgean giving herself a proper education through books and what little acces she had to the internet. She detested the culture in which she was raised and refused to wear the traditional garbs that her mother made for her. She jokingly promised her mother that she’d wear nothing but that if she found proof that psychic abilities were real, a safe bet she’d thought.

    Upon gaining her powers, the proof she’d asked for, Tshilaba fullfiled her promise and chose to embrace it fully. She wears nothing but the traditional garbs in her private life and her superhero costume is heavily stylised to fit the gypsy imagiry. Her weapon of choice is her Tarot cards and her Superhero handle is the Romani Chib word for time.
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    Superhuman Handle: Mercury
    Real Name: Alessandra Manetti
    Secret or Public ID: Secret

    Age: 20

    Description/Reference Image: Mercury , Alessandra

    Civilian Job:
    Daddy's little girl (unemployed , works with the family), college student


    Alessandra is your typical mobster princess, raised with a silver spoon and a loud mouth. She's her daddies little girl and always gets what she wants, making her a bit of an entitled, spoiled brat. She's cocky, self centered, and rude to anyone she feels is beneath her.
    Mercury is anything but what Alessandra is, practically doing a complete 180 in how she treats people. She has trouble sometimes keeping up her Alessandra personality because she wants to genuinely be a better person than what she was before the storm.

    Her loyalty to her family causes her problems. On the one hand, it's her family whom she loves and would do anything for, on the other hand they are mobsters who don't care who they have to kill to get what they want, something she doesn't agree with after gaining her abilities and realizing how wrong it all is. She is also emotionally unstable , having anger issues and anxiety, which tend to distract her.

    Notable Skills:
    Skilled fighter- Kali/Escrima and Muay Thai , Weapons expert- Pistols, Rifles, Knives, Swords, etc.


    Body Composition- Made up of an metal alloy that is malleable and changes form between liquid to solid.
    Mimic- She can mimic other people provided she knows them well enough.
    Morphing- can create simple machines such as blades and blunt objects as extensions of herself
    Enhanced- body speed; can run up to a speed of about 50mph, strength; capable of lifting roughly 25-35 tons, toughness; objects go through her instead but it takes a few seconds to reform and recover her shape, precognitive awareness; could be seconds or milliseconds but her body is aware of a danger and reaction is faster than the average human
    Diamagnetic/Paramagnetic- Can manipulate her magnetic wave and polarity

    Alessandra was raised like a typical mobster princess and Apple of her daddies eye. She could do no wrong, got whatever she wanted and was the girl of every boys dream, something she loved to take advantage of. Though no women were usually interested in the family business, being the daughter of a man like Salvatore Minetti made her very curious from a young age and got her involved. She learned the ins and outs of the family business alongside her cousin, Roberto, who she knows is gay but she doesn't care. She learned how to handle a gun and was placed in combat training classes from a young age. Most girls preferred ballet while Alessandra preferred to toss her cousin over her shoulder and to the ground. This was especially good for her to get her frustrations out, as she has a bit of a temperament. She has been known to throw things at people who try to keep her from what she wants. As she got older, she was able to go along with her father to witness first-hand the family business when visiting "clients" for "rent money". She grew to enjoy bossing and threatening them around , and was known as the Angels Trumpet, loud and beautiful but quite deadly, a reputation that stuck even after the Silver Storm.

    Alessandra was one of the people caught in the storm, but instead of it killing her, it left her in a new state. She was a puddle of metal alloy, unable to reform immediately, missing for days as she figured out her new ability. When she was finally able to take her old form, still in the shade of an alloy, she figured out she was capable of mimicking other people as well as her old self. But it was through the kindness of a stranger that she was able to get back home to her family. She realized that there were others like her, though she never revealed her new powers, and saw how they were being used by the family to do the dirty work. She realized that was all she had ever really been, a goon , and she didn't like it. She wanted to change , wanted to make a difference and actually help people. What she didn't really know , was how....
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    Bicycle mechanic and collector
    Superhuman Handle: Techwitch
    Real Name: Morgen Thomas
    Secret or Public ID: VERY secret. The closest the two personas come is distant relation.


    Description/Reference Image:
    Police usually describe her as a five foot ten inch woman of approximately 160 lbs, with a strong jawline, average nose, and thin lips. She has red-brown eyes. Often wearing a black summer dress. and either riding a broomstick like device or has it strapped across her back, when in hero mode. At work, she's a casually dressed man wearing simple business casual, often light or difficult to notice makeup, and long hair tied back in a tight and professionally sliced off ponytail.

    Civilian Job:
    Research and Development Engineer


    Morgen suffers from an inferiority complex and minor agorophobia that tends to make her shy away from situations. Unfortunately, she's also too stubborn to listen to these things and tends towards reckless. She spends most of her time building tools and equipment that easily mimics the magics of old myths and legends. She really sees these projects as an outlet for her stress, using her hero persona to test new technologies and applications.

    Having no powers of her own, she needs to build her own. Hasn't come out as transgender at work, despite legal and partial FTM transition. Technically gender fluid.

    Notable Skills:
    Mathematics, STEM, and mechanical perception. She can literally see how something goes together and the physics and math behind how it works.
    Fluent in German and English
    Basic swordsmanship (Fences bastard sword)
    Certified in CPR and emergency first aid

    Frankly, Techwitch has no powers. She has no magic ability, no advanced combat training, and no notable supernatural abilities whatsoever. If anything, the only thing close to a superpower she has is the ability to improvise technology almost a hundred years ahead of its time, and the artistic talent to make it look natural.

    Standard Equipment:
    L. Forearm
    : Stasis Rifle: A forearm mounted device capable of casting an area effect (3 meters) stasis field for four to five seconds, extinguishing fires and stopping opponents long enough to throw off balance. Requires 1.5-5 second charging time.
    R. Forearm: Gravitational Manipulator: A small device capable of applying force to other objects through electromagnetic acceleration of theoretical graviton particles. No point of reference for lift means that liftable mass is theoretically infinite. Applicable mass is only about ten tons, with a maximum lift time of ten minutes.
    Chest: Newton Shield: A device using a short charge of exotic particles to invert Newton's third law of motion for up to three minutes at a time, reflecting or deflecting almost all kinetic or massive particle weapons. Power cell is exotic particle based, and must be replaced after every use.
    Head: Augmented Reality glasses: A set of square rimmed glasses displaying HUD and targeting information. Li/Polymer batteries and advanced sensor suite gives a situational lifespann of 1 hour.
    Belt: Thermokinetic sword: A broadsword of Viking design with a thermokinetic module atached, inverting kinetic force from inertia into thermal energy, allowing the blade to cut through car bodies or small trees.
    Cycle Shorts
    Thigh Holster:
    Glock 26 w/ alternating blank and salt ammo.
    Vehicle: Ionocraft engine broomstick: A simple broomstick aesthetic hoverbike about seven feet long with a single cylindrical fuselage approximately 8 inches in diameter, four hoverjets provide lift and vectored thrust control. Powered by a single thorium RTG .
    Undernose mounted multifunction cannon.
    Fires a higher power form of her chosen weapon from under the nose of her broomstick, allowing for strafing or dogfighting. (Can only fire straight ahead, uses 90% power capacity, causes engine shutdown.)

    Other Equipment:
    (Has to be equipped at home)
    Charged Particle Rifle

    Backstory: Morgen had a good life, went to high school, came out at the top of the class, went to MIT, and graduated with honors after partially transitioning, immediately landing a career at a local research and development company producing superhero power tech for emergency responders. Unfortunately, the standard testing system quickly bore her and she started doing independent testing of personal projects funded out of pocket.

    She kept her identity very secret, and had no real name for herself, until a news outlet noticed the use of advanced technology and the indicators thereof, and dubbed her "Techwitch," and it stuck.

    Throughout her life, Morgen never really socialized, spending time in her room on personal projects. Her work was always spot-on correct, but never had any real flare or show of talent. Her career was never lacking, but rarely spectacular. Her apartment, even is very bare bones, a simple 560 sq. foot single bedroom apartment, on the fifteenth floor of a large complex. A simple home AI, and a small kitchenette. Overall, just a simple, cheap apartment. Like the rest of her civilian life, not lacking, but not spectacular.
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    Superhuman Handle: Ann-X

    Real Name: Annie Fraser

    Secret or Public ID: Secret

    Age: 25

    Description/Reference Image: Annie is a petite young woman, standing almost at 5’2 and barely weighing 100 pounds soaking wet.

    Civilian Job: Inherited her father’s workshop and junkyard

    Motivation: Curiosity, Responsibility

    Personality: Annie can be slightly awkward. Life circumstances led to Annie spending most of her time with her father or other adults. She sometimes seems older than she is because of this, but she can also seem inexperienced with normal social situations. Generally nice, but not wholly a push-over.

    Complications: Her ability to sense and manipulate electricity and Wi-Fi make it hard for Annie to get physically close to others. A low-grade electrical jolt can occur from unexpected touching. Surprise her and you’ll get a shock.

    Wi-Fi sense means all that data is always floating around in her head, like the most unpleasant form of chat roulette one could imagine. Annie has learned how to filter, but it can affect her ability to focus.

    Thugs have tried to push her and her father out of their workshop in the past.

    Annie’s father disappeared about a year before the Silver Storm hit. He is presumed dead.

    Notable Skills: Annie has always been naturally mechanically and technologically gifted; a trait she inherited from her father Ezra Fraser. Did we mention the robot she built? Big Daddy, aka Daddy 2.0. Read on...

    Powers: Annie can sense and manipulate electricity and Wi-Fi signals. She can send an electrical shock through people, but more impressively, she can charge up and animate junk/rubble into rock em’, sock em’, fightin' robots.

    The shape and construction of the robots depend on the materials she has and her own imagination. Of course, the moment she stops concentrating on them, they fall to pieces. With more time and in her workshop, she can whip up temporary inventions to do different things


    “It’s just you and me against the world, kiddo.”

    Annie’s mother died, from a brain tumor, when Annie was four. Her father, Ezra, raised her by himself, never able to fully connect with another woman and start over. Instead, he focused on his work and his daughter.

    Her father’s focus on his work gave Annie access to computers, code, and other technologies. Annie was at home surrounded mechanical and technological goodies.

    Her father also was mechanically gifted, often taking apart car engines, stereos, and other mechanical things just to see how they worked. Annie, too, enjoyed these things. This was their primary source of income.

    The Workshop
    The workshop is, for all practical purposes, a hangar. It has to be, otherwise Annie wouldn’t be able to work the larger mechanical things she does, such as cars, refrigerators, and the like.

    Bits and pieces of cabling, wire, tubing, and random motherboards are visible. The tools are hung neatly, ordered by size. Despite the tidiness of the toolset, the workshop is an eclectic disarray technology in various states of build or decommissioning.

    Large bay doors open to allow ease of movement into the workshop from the outside. A sliding door leads from the kitchen into the workshop. A set of metal stairs lines one side of the workshop wall, leading to the upper workshop area where she does most of the smaller repairs on computers and things like that.

    The Office
    Connected to the workshop is an office where clients may wait for Annie to complete repairs and make payments for services. A hallway leading from the office empties into the Parts Yard. Two sliding doors also allow entrance to either Ezra’s or Annie’s room from this hallway.

    The Parts Yard

    The parts yard is exactly as the name implies – a yard full of parts and pieces; a junk yard to some, a glorious treasure trove to Annie. Along with cars one will find old appliances, computer parts - you name it and you just might find one.

    A large gate allows entrance into the Parts Yard from the outside to enable deliveries. A sliding door leads to the Parts Yard from the office. A standard door leads to the parts yard from a hallway in the house section.

    The House

    Ezra and his wife made the back half of the hangar their living area replete with a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms, and a bathroom. The top half, above, the housing area was a playroom and workshop. The remainder of the property is a parts yard, filled with a variety of scrap and other items from which Annie scavenges parts to build, repair, or resell. The space in the house is big enough to accommodate Big Daddy’s bulk with ease.

    A series of sliding, pocket doors separated the rooms of the house. All are interconnected. Similar doors lead out into the workshop area. Standard doors lead from the kitchen and a walkway to the outside.

    Ezra’s and Amelia's Room

    Ezra’s room is tidy, but looks unused. It sits closest to the office area of the workshop. Upon entering, one would find the room just big enough for a full-sized bed, an armoire, a chest of drawers, and an end-table. The faint scent of cedar or camphor tinges the air.

    On the walls are photographs. Some are of Ezra and his wife, before marriage, some are from the wedding, some after. Other pictures showed pride in their baby girl. One with the baby bundled tightly and two exhausted parents looking up at the camera and more all through the child’s years up to her fourth year.

    One picture shows Amelia in a hospital bed. The little girl is kneeling on the bed, blowing out four candles on a birthday cake. A single, framed picture sat on the chest of drawers. In this one, the child was around 9, pretty and waifish. Ezra’s face is stubbled, but he is in a suit. The pair stand hand in hand in front of a large official looking building. The logo of Mars Tech is partially obscured.

    Ezra Fraser

    Ezra has black hair, shot with grey, blue-green eyes, and a Glasgow accent. He is slim and tall, standing at 6’1, with a slight stoop to his shoulders from hunching over his workbench. He wears wire frame glasses.

    Ezra is a technology genius. If it needed to be built or fixed, Ezra was your man. He and his wife emigrated to the Emerald City to find their fortune.

    The pair met in college, where Ezra had been a promising graduate of the Glasgow Institute of Technology. Idealism kept Ezra from going the corporate route, he did not want his work used in warfare or corporate espionage. His decision to open a workshop in the Emerald City was viewed as a disgrace, by some, but he and his wife Amelia were in love and happy.

    Amelia Smythe was equally brilliant and the pair was a dynamo team, building small but profitable contracts with several businesses across the City. Pregnancy was inevitable, but it was hard on the petite Amelia and weakened her immune system. Four years after the birth of her daughter, Amelia died from a particularly virulent cancer. Ezra was never the same. He smiled rarely, no matter what little Annie did.

    Amelia Smythe
    Trim, graceful, smart, and delicate are words one would use to describe Amelia Smythe. She was 5’2, with a feminine figure, chestnut hair, and brown eyes. Ezra would joke that her eyes were the color of a fine Stout.

    Amelia came from a well-to-do London family and studied medicine, but chose to marry Ezra and move to Emerald City to be with him. She planned to start a medical clinic, but her delicate constitution suffered and her health deteriorated.

    Getting pregnant and having a child was Amelia’s idea, though Ezra thought it a bad one. Knowing her constitution was iffy, Ezra wanted to refrain. Amelia got her way, though, and the pair welcomed Annie into the world. Even Ezra found joy in the small, squalling creature because of the joy and love Amelia found and gained from it. Soon enough, both parents were in love with their child. Not long before Annie’s fourth birthday, Amelia became sick and had to be hospitalized. Amelia died a few months later.

    Annie Fraser
    Annie has her mother’s chestnut hair. Her eyes are hazel, a mix of her parents. She also has her mother’s feminine build, not that one sees it very often.

    Usually she wears a pair of baggy, saggy coveralls belted around her slim waist by a toolbelt and big, black boots. Her hair is usually up in in a messy bun. Goggles and work gloves are also a regular part of the ensemble as is a scarf. The workshop can get cold at times. Annie often has smudges of something on her nose, forehead, or cheek from her work. If she isn't in her coveralls, she's in t-shirts, skinny jeans, and runners.

    Speaking of her work, it can consume her. Once she becomes absorbed, she can disappear into building something for days on end, sometimes without sleep, to see the work to completion. Were it not for Daddy 2.0, Annie would probably forget to eat and drink. Annie is a technological savant like her father.

    Annie is kind-hearted, but no push-over. If she were, Daddy would have cowed her years ago.

    Daddy-0 aka 4Daddy aka Big Daddy
    Daddy is a large robot, but not so large that he couldn’t manoeuver around the house easily. It wouldn’t do if he destroyed everything he was trying to clean, now would it?

    Annie built the first version at the age of nine. Daddy has acted as a surrogate caregiver and servant for Annie, even going so far as to refer to Annie as his ‘daughter’ and act suitably father-ish whenever a boy showed interest in her. Over the years, Daddy has developed a few personality quirks and one must experience them firsthand to understand clearly just what that means.

    (Daddy is an NPC whom Corinthi is welcome to play as GM).

    Big Daddy, aka Daddy 2.0

    Fraser's Garage and Junk Yard
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