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Emerald City Knights Profiles

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Corinthi, Jun 19, 2016.

  1. Corinthi

    Corinthi A Charming Monster

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    7:58 AM
    Recruiting Thread:
    OOC Thread:

    This is a thread for folks to post their various Emerald City Characters.

    Bio Template

    Superhuman Handle:
    Real Name:
    Secret or Public ID:

    If apparent age is different, clarify here. So if you're an immortal being, something like 'Real Age (Appears 24)'.

    Description/Reference Image:
    I'd like to know what your character looks like in and out of their superhuman identities.

    Civilian Job:
    Student/Homemaker/Unemployed are all valid answers.

    Give me a single word that summarizes why are you operate as a superhero or villain? Justice, Thrillseeker, Redemption, Responsibility, Duty, Boredom, Greed, Vengeance, Insanity?

    I'd like a short paragraph about how your character acts.

    Give me at least 2 things that complicates your hero's life. Do you have money troubles, a demanding job, a secret identity, rabid fans, loved ones, children, an incompetent sidekick, an addiction, a warrant out for your arrest, a tendency to grandstand, a need for media attention, whatever. Pick at least 2 flaws or drawbacks that seem interesting to explore/write.

    Notable Skills:
    Not things like driving or cooking, but things you really excel at. Are you an inventor, a hacker, a doctor, an ace pilot, car thief, kung fu master, whatever.

    The good stuff. I need a good idea of what your character is capable of. Give me a sense of scale. If you say 'Super Strength', expect me to ask how strong you are. If you say 'Telepathy', I'll ask what you mean by that. Can you just communicate mentally, can you read thoughts, control minds, harm minds, drive people insane, create mental illusions... whatever? I want some detail on how you picture the powers working, and will likely clarify expectations/understanding via a conversation so we're both on the same page.

    Give me a paragraph or two about what your character has been through. Just high level stuff, defining events. We can always fill in backstory details as the game proceeds through flashbacks and the like.

    Feel free to pretty up the formatting as you see fit, so long as I get all the info above in your character's bio.
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