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Forced Fates (Characters)

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Escasriet, Jul 16, 2016.

  1. Escasriet

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    Name: Quinniver Pentaghast
    Nickname: Quinn
    Role: Gai Princess
    Race: Seer
    Age: 25

    My Kingdom Runs Like: Gai has the most diverse in plant, wildlife, and races among the kingdoms. Many different species have ways to try to co-exist with each other, though not always peacefully. There might be a decent size population of Oni and Ifrits, but most look upon with scorn. Fearing if they could destroy their homes with their flames and darkness. Hybrids have it even worse, people don't just give them scornful looks but pursue them. Leaving many Hybrids leaving the kingdom or mysteriously disappearing. The most numerous of races are the ones one most expects: the Faaras, Nymphs, and Uransus. Even if those three far outnumber any other of Gai's race, the Seers are some of the most valued races.

    As for the rest of Gai's citizens, outsiders could consider Gaians to be exotic. The women for the most part are flirtatious and aren't afraid to show a little skin or curves. Not only known for their exotic beauty, most of the women don't shy away when making the first move when it comes to someone they are interested in. As for the men, many would call them courteous and just as flirtatious as the women.

    Gai's Scarred Land is located right in the center of their kingdom. The location of it is almost everything that anyone knows about it. This area is a poisonous forest that the air could kill the healthiest man if they are exposed to any period of time. Even a very brief period of being exposed to the poison air causes severe illness. To help contain the poison air inside its forest area, Gai first used Djinns to keep the air from spreading. Later they created large fans in the valley surrounding the Scarred Land. These greatly helped to keep the poison at bay. A few groups of Djinn still go around and check them. If one of them just stops working, directing air flow into it usually fixes it.

    Djinn aren't the only race that plays an important part in Gai, there are two Seer organizations that work as the royal family's elite guard. The Seekers of Truth are Seers that have trained since at a young age in the art of combat. Making full use of their powers on the battle field. The other organization is called the Keepers of Secrets. They also trained Seers from childhood but to be skilled spies and assassins. One Seer from each organizations chosen to become the Right and Left hands of the royal family, personal guards swearing to protect the royal family from all threats. These two are carefully selected on skill and merit by the commanders of the Seekers and Keepers.

    The Sun and the Moon not only plays a large part of their everyday lives, they are the symbols of their two true gods. Neither have a name, but they are called Sun (at times called Father Sun) and Moon (at times called Mother Moon). As the legend goes, in the days that the sun and moon did not yet exist. Gai was lifeless wasteland, cold, and dark. A child, a boy, was born but with shone a bright, orange light. In another village, a girl was born and also shone but in bright, silver light. They grew up as any child did. They never met but they were as similar as they were different. They both tried to help the people in their villages and were kind to those they came across. The boy, named Sun, was bold and generic. The girl, named Moon, was shy and mellow.

    When they reached adult age, the two finally met and it was love at first site. Sadly, their families already had suitors picked out for each of them. The two lovers met up and ran. When they came across a dangerous river, as they tried to cross- they fell in. As they fell into the water, they shininess left them and it floated up into the sky to form 2 huge, glowing balls. One silver, one orange. The sun and moon. As the villagers who had witnessed the horrific accident gathered around to watch, the silver ball faded away and only the orange one was left standing. It gave so much warmth to them. At night, the orange ball faded and the silver ball came and shone for 12 hours. In the day, the orange sun shone for 12 hours. When they had lived, before the incident, Sun and Moon had had a routine; Sun helps someone, Moon then helps someone, and their love helped the plant life grew in Gai. And so it has been.

    In Gai, there are two major holidays they celebrate which are Solaristice, the longest day of the year, and Lunaristice, the longest night of the year. On these holidays, the two lovers are celebrated together but at different times. The Solaristice is celebrated all day while Lunaristice is celebrated all night. The symbols of each of the lovers are presented on the Seekers and Keepers as well. The Seekers have the Sun symbol on their red and gold armor. While the Moon is the symbol on the blue and black armor of the Keepers.

    Talent/Skills: Years in the military has made her a good strategist along with being a professional with fighting with sword and shield. Outside of her combat talents, Quinn is actually a good singer. Even though she thinks singing and opera are for love drunk idiots.

    Power(s) : Chi is an ability that some Seers can use. A Seer with a strong chi may radiate bright colors when using it. Because chi is the manifestation of the soul and life source, it can appear very differently depending on who is using it.

    The strength of an chi degrades with continual use. This limits the applications of chi in combat as, with time or heavy use, a Seer's chi will decay to the point where they are left weakened or even incapacitated. Since chi is a Seer's 'life source', it can be deadly if their chi becomes too low or takes too much damage.

    Chi Martial Arts: Harness chi into physical combat for energy enhanced strikes. Quinn mainly infuses her chi into her sword and shield for stronger attacks and defense. But could use is for punches and kicks if no weapons available. Causing her sword and shield, or fists, to glow red-orange.

    Chi Beam Emission: Quinn is able channel her Chi and project it in the form of a destructive red-orange wave of energy. It can vary in size and can be a beam or a wave, depending on the situation and how much chi she used already.

    Flash Step: Teleport short distances. She can only use this about three times in a battle, and can not use if her Aura is currently activated.​

    Weapon(s) : Sword and Shield

    Personality: Many would described her as brash, impulsive, and having anger management issues and they would be completely right. Quinn tries to appear that she has it all together. She's worried that revealing her softer side could compromise her power/people's opinions of her.

    Quinn could be rather awkward when facing a situation where she can't threaten or slash at, especially in the romance and humor departments. Many a times she would give a blank expression, as if she's still processing that if was a joke/compliant or not. She can also be a neat and clean freak. If she spots a mess or something placed int he wrong place, she has to get it fixed or it will drive her nuts all day.

    Quinn, at her core, does what she believes is right and just, and holds those values as more important than things like law or duty. If she needs to rebel against tradition in order to drag the world kicking and screaming back into a semblance of order, then she will do it. Once Quinn commits to a cause, she jumps in with both feet, and her new role as Queen is no exception.

    Past: Born in a carriage halfway between Cumberland and Val Flora, Quinn was the seventy-eighth in line to the Gai's throne. She was the second child born from her parents, nobles of the Pentaghast house. The first was her older sister, Esmeralda who was born four years prior. Even at a young age, Quinn did not care for the gilded cage they kept her and her sister in. True, they were got everything their hearts desired. Esmeralda bloomed from being fed from a silver spoon, young Quinn always resented it. Both girls were treated like fragile dolls, never allowed to go anywhere without an escort- even inside their estate. They were just for show, put on a shelf when they were needed and were occasional dusted off to be shown off to party guest.

    At the age of ten, Quinn had enough of living inside her family's cage. Though of noble birth, she turned her back of wealth and privilege to join the Seekers of Truth. In truth she was lucky to get in at that age, most Seekers begin training at the age of six, but it was the only good thing that her family ties did for her. So began a hard life of sharpening her Seer abilities and climbing up the military ranks. During those years, she did meet a friend who was a Ferret-Faaras named Varric. Friend might be too strong of a word, seeing he always seeks a way to do something that makes Quinn want to strangle him. Still, they had a few things in common. He also came from a noble family but hated everything about being a noble, which led him to being a business man.

    Quinn became the right hand personal guard of King Anthony and performed her duties without fault. Diana, a Seer from the Keeper of Secrets, was his left hand guard. When the two were focusing on eliminating threats to the crown, they failed to see the corruption rising among the royal family. Even to accepting coin from sea raiders to dock on their shores and letting them run free in the kingdom. At first, it was not a problem. The raiders came, restocked, and left. It never takes criminals long to figure out how sweet their deal with the crown really was. Their agreement didn't stop at allowing them to shop and rest, which would be reasonable, but also have guards turn a blind eye when they break their laws.

    The royal family was just as much responsible of all the deaths caused when the raiders arrived in over eight ships and attacked some of Gai's towns. Some towns were burnt to the ground leaving no trace of the people that lived there other than the piles of ash and bones. The lucky ones received help in time but the number or tombstones were a painful reminder of those that would never return. When everything was said and done, the whole kingdom was shattered. It people were outraged at the royal family while mourning their loses. All the while the King denying that he had anything to do with the raiders.

    But everyone knew better and they demanded justice, so Quinn gave it to them. She, Diana, and Varric carefully planned a coup (a sudden attempt by a small group of people to take over the government usually through violence). The former right and left hands of the King managed to gain the support of their organization and Varric managed to pay for a few excellent mercenary companies. They began their assault and it was a straggle for both sides. The violence ended when she challenged the King to a dual while in front of the castle, where everyone could see. The disgraceful stain of a King fell quickly by her blade.

    When it all ended, Gai was still broken and was now without a leader. Diana was the first to voice for Quinn to claim the crown, claiming she was from the blood line and it was her prize from winning the dual. Quinn herself, along with many others, was shocked at the suggestion but before she could refuse Varrice seconded the motion. Leading a growing roar of acceptance from both sides of the fight. So that's how Quinn went from a noblewoman, to military officer, and finally the Queen of Gai. For the last two years, she had be busy rebuilding Gai, uniting their people, and preparing for attacks on all of Gai's borders.

    Former or Present Loves:
    No one yet. Then again she has been too busy with duties and training to really look and fall for someone.
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