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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Yiyel, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Yiyel

    Yiyel Member

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    1:47 PM
    Yiyel here. Call me Mr. Raider. Call me Mr. Wrong. Call me insane. Call me what you want, long as you call me time and time again. [/shittyreference]

    But yeah. Been fluttering between RP communities for 10 years now, trying to replace the magic of my first group (that died tragically - through no fault of our own. It's a long story). Hoping this one will get me somewhere.

    I'm your typical nerd - I love physics, mathematics and video games. Trying to get a computer capable of making games (already got 4 games planned, but can't get started because my computer was already antique before it broke down).

    As far as roleplaying goes, I LOVE good science fiction and plot twists, especially if unexpected or involving time travel shenanigans. But as for the execution... I like to do something I haven't seen in 10 years. Most people work off "pairings", yes? I find that boring. I prefer the tabletop-like approach of having a Game Master that helps players and characters through a rich universe. As far as that goes, though, I do basically everything except slice of life.

    Just be sure to communicate. Otherwise I will probably drown you in detail. (Funnily enough, I dislike long posts, and much prefer shorter posts and an action-based style. And I absolutely dislike seeing character thoughts outside of the context of a mind reader because it just breaks all potential.)

    So yeah. Hi. :biggrin:

    (Shoutout to @CJ Mason for getting me here)
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