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Hello, Hello!

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by LadySynn, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. LadySynn

    LadySynn Twisted and Sweet

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    3:02 PM
    The Lady is in!

    I'm not new to RP. I suppose that is a good place to start. I've spent several years on rp and I am currently am a member of one other site. I used a different user name though. I've been using the same user name for a little too long. So I am now LadySynn. You can call me Synn. I really liked the other site I was on, I'm still part of it but I thought I should expand my horizon. When I found this place with a similar set up to the other forum, I was happy to join. I like this set up, very clean and nice while being easy to use. ^-^

    Anyway, enough about that.

    I am playful by nature. I like to have fun. I love to roleplay simply because I love stories. Aside from that, I love Video Games. I have quite the collection that I am very proud of. When I am not dealing with college work, I am either RPing or playing a game of some sort.

    Some other tidbits about me...

    I like Sci-Fi and fantasy themed stories, but I do not like slice of life. RPing real life is just too boring. I don't want to escape real life with a story about real life. Haha.

    I have three cats.

    And I'm friendly. :)

    Well that should be a good enough introduction... So I look forward to meeting all of you.

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