Extreme Hunter Hybrids

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    I'm sorry to do this, Moose, but I'm going to have to pull out. I promised other people I would play with them first, and now they've all kind of gotten back to me at once. It's gonna have to be another time, man. Sorry!
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    Name: Wilhelm Librarian
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 19
    Sexual Orientation: straight
    Occupation: Experimenter
    Marital status: single

    Height: 168cm (5'6")
    Build: Slender
    Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: light blue
    Distinguishing marks: scars down his back from the spinal replacement surgery, has a mechanical left arm

    Strengths: intelligent, dedicated to his work
    Weaknesses: Physically weak even with his body modifications.
    Likes: Marijuana, alcohol, nature in general
    Dislikes: getting pressured into things
    Hobbies: Experimenting with and on drugs
    Fears: having his lifestyle disrupted
    Goals: To use his position in the alliance to strengthen trading relations with the other clans, specifically the Pious and the Librarians for Sanctified steel and magical substances

    Family: His father is a Cosmic-Nature Librarian, has difficulty with Smith culture, his mother is a prominent Nurse and is in charge of one of the medical facilities in the city. Many siblings.

    History: Wilhelm grew up with a fascination in nature, preferring it over the cosmic energy his father favored. He grew many plants and crossbred and worked with them for higher yields and more nutrition. He began working on plants that yielded fruit and other byproducts with psychoactive effects. He grows bananas and avocados for pure nutritional reasons, but grew lychees and white and red grapes to make alcohol, he also grew marijuana, poppy, coffee, and coca. He kept bees for them, only collecting comparatively very little of their honey for his purposes.

    He's recently taken to mixing various drugs to note their effects.
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    Name: Marco Orfeo
    Species: Vampire
    Sex: Male
    Age: Unknown
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: N/A
    Marital Status: Single

    Height: 7' 0"
    Weight: 260 lbs
    Hair: Bald
    Eyes: Black

    Strengths: Immense strength, speed and senses. Skin is very resilient.
    Weaknesses: Virtually inept in magic
    Likes: Blood
    Dislikes: Humans
    Goals: Collapse the human settlements one at a time
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    Cyrene "Rhen"
    Human | Female | 19 | "Self employed warrior" | Single
    Sculpted | Busty | Muscled
    Sexual Orientation: Yes
    Direct Lineage: Quarrymen/Librarians
    Home Location: Librarians

    Height: 6' 0''
    Hair: Ashen brown
    Eyes: Amber

    Distinguishing marks include a small scar underneath her left eye, two around the right corner of her hairline, freckles, height, and her particularly dominating presence.

    Strengths: Like most Quarrymen, Rhen's body is her sword and shield. She's tall, able, and built to rival the apex predators that surround her people's territory. Running, fighting, jumping, and striking, she thrives in the physical domain. Alongside Librarian magic, Rhen can become a ruthless force to be reckoned with.

    Weaknesses: She certainly isn't stupid, but she cannot read, write, or ever learn how. She is unable to decipher any sort of symbol, including simplified drawings. Partially because of that, she's developed quite the defensive streak, and her grudges can last for ages. Some also argue that her moral code gets in her way of functioning, often clouding her ability to make tactical decisions.

    Likes: Rhen adores the physical world, including the magic that flows through her veins. She loves fighting, sprinting, training, dancing, and just about anything else that lets her move her body and mind. She loves experiencing the world through her senses, and tends to disapprove of anyone who would rather spend their time differently.

    Dislikes: Despite being raised by them, Rhen holds a general dislike for most Librarians. She attributes her current lifestyle, use of Cosmic Magic, and sense of being to the Quarrymen, to the point of refusing to identify with the people she was raised alongside. According to Rhen, her mixed heritage doesn't make her obligated to serve as a bridge. She is a Quarryman in Librarian territory for what will serve her people best, and that is all.

    Hobbies: H
    er strength in magic and muscle can be traced back to Rhen's love of training. She feels her best when energy is flowing through her body, and her most connected when cosmic magic allows it to flow beyond her self. The easiest way to do both of those is through combat, but she also enjoys dancing, walking, and companionship with certain animals.

    Fears: Barren spaces, crippling injury, and failure to protect certain people.

    Goals: "Drives" would be a better word for Rhen's aspirations than "Goals". She's a bit of a drifter, the vast connection she feels to the world making it difficult to cement goals for herself. She doesn't pretend to know her "purpose", but she tends to focus on bettering herself and others. For her, that means protecting her loved ones, helping them to grow, and becoming her strongest.

    Family: She loves and embraces her Quarryman father, but has mostly shunned her mother and other Librarians. She has a Librarian step-brother, but she pays him no mind, and her older sister was married and left many years ago. Visiting her in Quarryman territory is one of her favorite things.


    Rehn was raised the unlikely child between a Quarryman and a Librarian in the Librarian kingdom. Her mother was an educated noble and her father a hard worker. Combined, they brought Rehn up with want for nothing she couldn't have. They raised her with pride for being a mixed child, and made sure she was studied in both sides of her heritage. Her mother particularly saw promise in her magical ability, and made sure Rehn studied day in and day out to hone her craft. Things continued as such for years, until one devastating afternoon. In what should have been a harmless training exercise, Rehn was blasted into a support, bringing the room down on top of her. Her father and mother managed to save her from the debris, but she sustained a major head injury. Healing fixed most of the skin, but nothing could repair the internal damage.

    Rhen found herself unable to understand symbols that had once seemed familiar, unable to read or even to write her name. Years of studying came to an awkward halt, spells became difficult, and the great potential she'd once had dwindled away. So did her relationship with her mother. Rhen felt shame replace her mother's former pride for her talents, and that change in affection left an angry scorn in her gut for her mother and all librarians. She started rejecting that half of her bit by bit, finding solace both in her father and her pride as half Quarryman. She begged her father to teach her more of their ways, and he obliged, putting a foot down only when she tried to leave the Librarian kingdom altogether. Rehn found new purpose in her body, in fighting, in touch, in her pride and in the outside world. Through physicality she also rediscovered magic - a cosmic type that connected all things. That magic became her guiding light, and her body the perfect vehicle.
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