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Extreme Invisible Touch

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Macleod, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Macleod

    Macleod Mage

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    The Underworld
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    8:56 AM
    Alright I just had to make a joke on my favorite band Genesis, so the title was just something to be funny.

    @Miss Wood has been helping me rework this idea, I originally started it here and it went for some time, but then I realized it needed more than I was able to do with just one person. While I call a 21 page RP successful and it was, I am grateful it went that long. But something was missing, I don't know what it was but I think this particular idea serves best as group setting.

    So here it is. I've been working on this as a graphic novel since 2014, my daughter saw the third series of Once Upon A Time, and didn't like the way the whole Neverland, Peter Pan, Wendy deal play out. Granted she did like the idea of Peter Pan being a villain, she just didn't like everything she asked me to do better justice. So I a couple of friends and I got together and began work...

    Right enough rambling...if anyone has seen Once Upon A Time, the Brothers Grimm Movie, any incarnation of the Twilight Zone, and Sin City, then you have a major leg up! If not no biggie it's a simple premise to follow.

    For sake of interest those that want to assist in this, can help come up with a name for this east coast city, bear in mind it's kind of "every city USA" type feel, so if you have things in your own hometown you can add them and it's not an issue.

    Imagine you thought you knew the famous tales you were told as children, were two things one very real and two well...not quite what you know. Sure the names are familiar but what they do is something entirely different, take Snow White and her seven dwarves, she's the mayor of the city and the dwarves councilmen on the city's board. Mulan owns a Chinese restaurant that the fortune cookies actually have fortunes that come true.

    Of course there havoc to be had as well, those mythological creatures such as the hydra, kraken, medusa, the minotaur, and more are all around. Even the Greco-Roman pantheon is here.

    So who helps deal with all the odd stuff this city endures? Simple, the famed sorcerer and his apprentice. Oh yes he also has a sister you'd be familiar with and well two very important women who have a score to settle with Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Captain Hook, and his pirates...

    If I've not lost you I must be writing something worth reading! Still two of us are going to jointly run this, and know this if there's something really awesome, it might just make it into the graphic novel---with whoever wrote it getting full credit...
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