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Jackals of War CS's

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Miss Wood, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Miss Wood

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    This is where everyone can post their Character Sheets!!!


    || NAME: Tarina Ilis Veos
    || ALIAS: Tiv
    || AGE: 45 (decelerated aging, appears early 30's)
    || GENDER: Female
    || RACE: Cybernetic Human
    || HEIGHT: 5'4" / 162.5cm
    || WEIGHT: 200lbs / 90kg (cybernetics are heavy!)
    || EYE/HAIR: Aquamarine / Varies
    || JOB: Captain of SS Horizon
    || STATUS: Single
    || SEXUAL: Open Minded

    >> BRIEF: Whoever thought the military was child's play has never been in the types of situations Tiv has been in. When the Galactic Federation spends too much money on your training to just let you die, they do the next best thing. They give you cybernetics.

    >>First Impressions:
    -- You ever meet a real smartass and that's the first thought in your head? Well Tiv makes sure its the first, middle and last thought. She's not one to shy away from any situation, always open and blunt as well as reserved. Sure she's friendly, if you get on her good side, and that's a huge if, but she’s reserved and keeps most of herself close to her heart.

    >>Relations: Tiv is the most loyal friend anyone will ever want watching their back, but it’s not an easy road to get there.

    >>Notable Physical Features: Her eyes, real but glossed over with holographic enhancements. Cybernetics including plug ins around her scalp and neck for power source recharge

    >>The Past is Written
    --It's never a surprise when someone tells you that some big government agency has a super secret program for advancement in technology or weaponry. What might be a surprise is when the two are combined and developed within a person. Or rather people. A program that takes orphans off the street, puts them through rigorous testing and then single handedly picks out the best ones to move on. The ones that don't, well, it's not really know what happens to them. But Tarina Ilis Veos, also known as Tiv, didn't worry about that at the time. She was happy enough to be clothed, fed and given a place to sleep soundly through the night and off the streets of Drackus 3. The program was based on the planet Pluumos, a similiar planet to Earth. The only major difference was the lower oxygen levels, so it made the physical training harder. She specialized in the science field and opted for Eye enhacements, strength, and endurance as they required very little to maintain.

    She graduated top of her class and worked mostly out of the Admistus systems, deep undercover as a bio enhancer, where most of the dirty dealings of the galaxy tended to take place. It was there that she learned everything that came with Scavenging and smuggling to fit in with her persona, going as far as killing for her work. She was discharged shortly, in 4144CY, and remained in the Admistus systems to start a life of scavenging and smuggling of her own. She acquired the SS Horizon through a few favors and has picked up its crew members along the way. While tensions are high between the Galactic Federation and the Seperatiste Systems , she remains the go to Captain for many of the legal jobs as well as dirty ones.
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