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Jackals of War OOC

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Miss Wood, Dec 2, 2016.

  1. Miss Wood

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    3990CY- The Galactic Federation and the newly founded Seperatiste Systems have come to an accord, reaching an agreement for the secession of the Seperatiste Systems, which have been a sub sector of the Galactic Federation since the discovery of FTL technology over 900 years ago. The Seperatiste Systems are now to be governed on their own and have their own military as well as FTL program, not run or directed by the Galactic Federation. It is the first time that the galaxy has been split so peacefully between two massive forces working together to keep peace throughout.

    4140CY- The current leader of the Galactic Federation has passed in his sleep. His work with the Seperatiste Systems and the Admistus Territories was always diplomatic and peaceful, establishing good relations between both. His funeral was attended by many throughout the galaxy and a memorial was built for him in the Neutral Territory, on Pluto, where the Galactic Embassy is located in the Local Cluster. A new leader is voted in to take his place, with military experience and a well known dislike for the secession of the Seperatiste Systems.

    4145CY- the borders between the Galactic Federation and the Seperatiste Systems are now being monitored more closely by the Galactic Federation military forces. Many Seperatiste System residents are turned back or arrested for lacking identification. Tensions rise between both governments.

    4146CY- Seperatiste System Military forces are built up, peacekeepers are sent out to the border planets. Galactic Federation forces are organized in the Admistus Territories, overrunning the territory and creating even more tension between the Seperatistes already residing there.

    4147CY- Galactic Federation seizes control over the Admistus Territories.

    4148CY- Seperatiste Systems offer to renegotiate the terms of the secession. Galactic Federation leader offers only one option for the Seperatiste Systems; to rejoin. The offer is declined.

    4149CY- Inhabitants of the Zeta Core Systems in the Admistus Territories launch a revolt against the Galactic Federation, successfully kicking out at military forces that were stationed there.

    4150CY- Tensions are still high between the Seperatiste Systems and the Galactic Federation as things resume as normally as they can. Tales of spies being sent into both territories makes it harder for most ships to get through borders without being boarded for inspections.

    And where our story begins...

    Our story begins with our lovely characters, all part of a scavenging ship who do both legal and illegal scavenging. They are hired by the Galactic Federation to find a ship located in the Seperatiste Systems in an unknown area to them. The ship is drifting close to a well known Spaceport within the system which aids in the smuggling of Seperatiste ships past the borders of the Galactic Federation, essential for helping in the retrieval of any military forces or residents residing in the Admistus Territories. It’s unknown to our group, at first, as to why they are being hired to verify the location of the ship and any documents it may hold, but the money is good and a Captain has to feed her crew. They take the job and find out just what they’re in for…

    1-Site rules should always be followed

    2-If you’re going to be away for any period of time, or anything comes up, just let me know

    3-Post like you’ve got something to say! Lol, Basically don’t leave us hanging with a dry post

    4-If I feel like you’ve added something to the story that can change things drastically or interfere with the way things are going , I may ask you to change it, so maybe just run things by me first. I love side stories as much as the next person!

    5-Posting Order is going to be basically based on reactions. Be mindful of that and try not to move things along when someone is still in need of a reply.
    SS Horizon(WIP)


    Command Deck /Navigation / Captains Quarters
    Crews Quarters / Kitchen
    Med/Science Lab / Rec Room
    Cargo Hold
    Engineering and Ships Drives

    Captain/scientist (@Miss Wood )- master of the ship/ in charge of study of biological findings/microscopic findings/geological, etc

    First Mate/ Weapons Specialist (@ComradeCommander ) - Responsible for safety and security of the entire ship and crew. in charge of armory and special weapons/vehicles/armor

    Navigator/Pilot (@Junnabee ) - Responsible for plotting jumps, astrography, spatial positioning, piloting the ship

    Engineer (@Corinthi ) - Responsible for structural & mechanical frames.
    Responsible for Propulsion & FTL drives
    Responsible for Power Generation, Storage & Distribution

    Loadmaster (Open) - In charge of the cargo loading/unloading operations. Also keeps track of the ship's stores.

    Medic (@Viator ) - responsible for health care of the crew

    Merc for Hire-( @Mellow ) - does whatever is required
    Extra Information

    -Two Ruling Governments

    Galactic Federation

    Ruling government over the Upper and Lower Galactic Federation territories, as well as having shared interests in the Admistus Territories with the Seperatiste Systems. This government is ruled by a sole Leader, voted in only once the current leader has chosen to retire for any number of reasons or has died.

    Seperatiste Systems
    Ruling government over the Upper and Lower Seperatiste System territories, along with shared interested in the Admistus Territories with the Galactic Federation. This government is ruled by a committee of alien races that make up the majority races of the galaxy. New leaders may be voted in every ten years, or current leaders may remain in place through the voting process.

    Alien Races(WIP)
    Appearance: Usually Blue or some range of blue in skin tone and hair. Eyes tend to be bright and range in colors. The women are shorter than the men and have a humanoid anatomy. They have 4 digits on each hand and foot, and as they grow older their skin tone lightens up and their hair turns to either a black or dark gray. They also tend to have tattoos throughout their body, as part of their culture.
    They are very literal and blunt, honest and open. Find it difficult to understand sarcasm but have started learning about it partly due to the Human Race.
    They helped develop many of the technologies that are used throughout the galaxy as well as cures for many diseases. They can live up to 1000 years and are known for their rational thinking and advanced military, always ones to come up with a strong strategy against any enemy.
    (Shee - gee - um) WIP
    (S - lee - A - ve) WIP

    Systems and Planets


    Upper Territory of the Galactic Federation

    -Dimos Nebula

    -Ilos Verge
    a humid, wet planet with a rainforest that covers the entire surface

    Lower Territory of the Galactic Federation

    -Betta Cluster
    Rocky terrain planet used for weapons testing, volcanic and uninhabitable

    -Tundra Systems
    a similiar planet to Earth with the only major difference being the lower oxygen levels.

    -Aquos Belt
    The planet of ashes.
    Xaron was a peaceful colonist planet, rich in mineral and metals alike. It’s grand size, yet miniscule gravity well meant that it’s atmosphere and relatively untouched forests could support great factory cities that promoted commerce with the planet, and made it a forerunner in robotic development due to some of the planets more unique minerals and metals allowing for great leaps in technological evolution. However, the local sun which was estimated to live another 1.3 billion years, exploded 1.3 billion years early. Only a million of the planets 3.2 billion inhabitants made it out alive. A vast majority of the planets previous populace exists underground in mildly irradiated slums and mining colonies, relying on their export of metal and and mineral to pay for food, supplies, and oxygen purification equipment to constantly recycle their air, which many prophesize is running out.

    Admistus Territories

    -Zeta Core Systems
    it is a city planet and is green color due to the smog from the countless factories. it is mainly used as a manufacturing place but the underword has taken control of it's government through corruption. lots of cartels and mob style familes fighting for control

    Upper Territories of the Seperatiste Systems
    -Exios Prime

    -Samora Cluster
    A primitive planet ruled by the female humanoids known as Sororias over the males counterpart. Topography is similar to Earth

    Lower Territories of the Seperatiste Systems

    -Vidia Sigma
    a small planet near Vidia Sigma which is predominantly comprised of arid grasslands and cold seas-- formally it is Yuezhi IV, the fourth planet out from the sun-like star Yuezhi, but because it alone amongst the planets of its systems bears life (other than supply and research space stations which host personnel on rotation), it is commonly referred to as simply Yuezhi. Many years ago, the [alien race] initiated the colonisation of Yuezhi, primarily for political reasons (at the time, the system was located in an area of great contention between [alien race] and [other alien race], both of whom vied for influence in the region); the process of settling a new system is a costly one, however, and the colonisation was eventually deemed unremunerative given the time and costs involved.

    Rather than see the system fall into the hands of their regional rivals at the time, [alien race] sold what would eventually be christened Yuezhi to human investors, who were eager to settle planets amenable to human habitation without the exorbitant costs involved in terraforming. Nevertheless, Yuezhi was never destined to be a metropolis, a galactic crossroads, a shimmering jewel in the night sky; its remoteness and general lack of resources doomed it to obscurity.

    Sure enough, present-day Yuezhi is a quiet, lonesome planet on the outskirts of separatist space, populated almost entirely by humans; its denizens rarely depart its surface and the planet certainly doesn't receive much in the way of traffic or tourism, so certain provincial attitudes towards aliens are commonplace. The Yuezhi-- the demonym is identical to the name of the planet-- prefer to keep to themselves and have little to no interest in what happens beyond the atmosphere of their planet; they belong officially in separatist space but have never explicitly espoused pro-separatist rhetoric-- nor, for that matter, have they expressed any fealty to the galactic federation. They just don't really care.

    As daily life on Yuezhi goes, its low population is a benediction, as there is extraordinarily little opportunity for anybody born there. There is exactly one spaceport on the entire planet, located in the homely little capital of Sadda, as well as a few shops, businesses, modest commercial enterprises; beyond Sadda's bounds, most people live off the land and farm for a living, sending their produce to Sadda and other small towns. Poverty and crime are, unfortunately, endemic to the planet, as those who live in the vast tracts of farmland outside the towns generally eke out a barebones life with little in the way of comfort and luxury, and the denizens of Sadda often turn to crime in hopes of a better life; the prospect of leaving Yuezhi for that better life either doesn't occur to them or evokes such fear and distrust as to be unacceptable.

    -Azray Relay

    Neutral Territories - Local Cluster is located here, as well as the Galactic Embassy where all races can meet in peace on Pluto

    Forbidden Systems - Undiscovered Space surrounded by a dangerous and erratic asteroid belt

    Lightning Spires Storm - A continous storm that circles the Galactic Core


    Group Profiles
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