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Extreme Kaisei Academy Character Creation

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by RogueRaven12, Nov 5, 2016.

  1. RogueRaven12

    RogueRaven12 Member

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    Welcome to Kaisei Academy where demons, the supernatural, and those with magical abilities who are different from normal humans come to get an education away from the scrutiny of normal humans. We have normal classes which are required to graduate but we also have elective classes such as witchery, astronomy, magic, fencing/sword play, and martial arts. We like our students to be diverse in all sorts of activities that will more or else, help them to survive.

    Now for Character Creation:

    Grade: 6th grade to 12th grade
    Sex: Male, female, or androgynous.
    SubRace: If there is a subrace, put it in here. Like if your a fae or a ghost, you'll have a subrace if you choose.

    Origin: Takes place in Japan but you can be from other countries if you choose.
    Languages: Main language every one is gonna speak is English but if you know any other languages, put it here
    Orientation: What is your sexual preference?
    Occupation: Do you have a job outside of school. You must be at least 15 to have a job in this world
    Relationships: Do you have any relationships with any other characters whether it be friendship, dating, enemies, rivals. You can also put any family with other character or just family in general

    Appearance: You can post a picture or describe your character

    Schedule: What classes does your character take?

    Ooc and Info thread:
    Last edited: Nov 5, 2016
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