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Kitt/Mellow [OOC]

Discussion in 'One x One OOC' started by Kitt, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. Kitt

    Kitt Kitt Kat Bar Administrator

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    5:07 AM
    The prompt:

    This is a little more open ended of a prompt, but what I've really been craving lately is something centered around two vastly different characters. Something centered a little bit more around the whole 'slice-of-life' thing, and the daily adventures around them. A couple trying to make the best of living in a sleazy little apartment, a bartender and a regular start to get to know each other, or even something where two neighbours discover wonderful---if volatile and rather bumpy---chemistry between one another.

    Bonus points to mixing in themes of the supernatural, or interesting ideas on how to play around contrast.

    The process:

    As for ideas... hmmm....
    So we're a couple?
    I like the idea of the bartender
    maybe the bar that he runs caters more to the supernatural kind
    like a place for them to hang out
    however, on the flip side
    they also use it as a front to collect information
    if that makes sense
    But like... when people get drunk they obviously run their mouths
    right? So that's what I meant... they hear anything, they use that as a bargaining chip per se... the bartender and his wife hear anything and everything
    A couple is a possibility, otherwise... Oohf. Missed a word in there. Meant to seperate that sentence into three seperate ideas, with the two in a sleazy apartment being a side-feature or an idea in and of itself. But I get what you mean there! An information broker, right?
    But an information broker's digs could work, or even mixing the two, and playing the part of a hang-out and place for those of the supernatural persuasion to come around and listen in on the hot gossip of around town if the supernatural thing isn't quite publicly known, or at least is publicly shamed or shunned. I can also play more than one character at a time, so there wouldn't be a focus on only the bartender but also to his staff. The bartender also doesn't have to be the owner of the place, he or she could just be the sort of face of the place or just the one who has the most experience serving drinks while someone else manages the public relations with everyone and all the proper business stuff.

    Okay, so how would my character fit in?

    Could be anything from a regular contact to the underbelly of the city, could be a new face around the bar, or if you think it might be fun to turn the roles on their heads you could play the barowner or bartender and I could work around as the wandering face that either blows in from time to time or happens to slip in one night and bring a dose of trouble with themself.

    Or otherwise, someone could even be the trouble that wanders in, either looking for a fight because they're just angry or for some sort of supernatural reason or because they've come to try and find someone they've been told to bring back to someone else because they're a hunter or an enforcer or what have you.

    But hrmn. It could even maybe be half a bar, half a motel or modern day inn? Old habits like live-in bars are hard to kick even if they stopped being a thing however many centuries in the past.

    Have you ever seen Spirited Away?

    Most of it, but kind of just in bits and pieces.
    I'm terrible when it comes to Studio Ghibli. :<

    No, no. I'm just referring to the bath house
    something like that?
    But like... an inn with a bar?

    Yea, something like that could work. Maybe less a smackdab-in-the-middle-of-downtown place then, and moreso something just on the edge of the countryside?

    Maybe something in England or... CANADA... or some other remote kind of place.

    Well the further you go from the border, the more remote Canada gets.

    I'm pretty sure like 80%-ish of our population lives within 100 miles of the Canada-US border.

    lol well there we go

    So ye. Maybe Canada, maybe England's countryside, maybe Scotland or Ireland or some sort of stretch of isles and islands even.

    Thouuuugh that last one might be a little 'out there'.

    Islands aren't too hard really
    It means it's exclusive to strictly supernatural
    can get there by ferry or whatever

    Most supernatural folk or even random spacklings of the ordinary types who wander by because of rumours and whisperings of the locals. Ha! I kind of like that idea.
    Last edited: Sep 30, 2016
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