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Extreme Last One Out, Get The Lights Character Profiles

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Vincent Savoretti, Jul 13, 2016.

  1. Vincent Savoretti

    Vincent Savoretti Bringer of Light

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    somewhere beyond
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    1:01 PM
    Alright let's keep this simple, I like characters to be detailed in the story rather than a note card.

    Format these and pretty them up however the fuck you want, just make sure it's legible and has what I've got below. When you're done post it here and I'll render my unholy judgement upon it.

    Yes, there is no bio.

    Occupation: (If you can think of it, it's probably a thing in the story. If you're a Grunt or a Commando you can still have a job in the city, and remember they're not going to be on-duty for the story)
    Looks: (I'll accept images or descriptions.)

    When it comes to images, I'll accept actors since they're entire role is to be other people, hell Carter Nomad is played by Noah Wyle in my head and I'll accept other famous people if you feel they show your character the best. But you're limited by the same things a director is limited to here, if you give me an image of Taylor Swift and try to tell me she's a grizzled war veteran I'm not going to accept it no matter how hard you whine.

    As for artistic renderings, pretty much anything is fine as well, so long as you remember Last One Out, Get The Lights isn't an anime (or a manga, it mostly comes down to catastrophic differences in style), and dolly tween dreams get eaten here.

    I won't be letting a Nano Enhanced Trooper be playable during this part of the story, they're too specific of a play style and there's almost zero reason for one to even be in this setting, especially at the beginning. This story will, however, continue into the main story of Last One Out, Get The Lights and NETs will be far more relevant, and hopefully fleshed out, by then and I'll let people create one then.
    Last edited: Jul 14, 2016
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