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Mature Let's take a stroll...

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Miss Wood, Jul 4, 2016.

  1. Miss Wood

    Miss Wood La Dama Moderator

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    Good Girl
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    1:53 PM
    There comes a point when I'm allowed to just say no. When I'm allowed to say that enough is enough. When no matter how nice and Sweet and kind you are to me, it just doesn't make up for it. Why? Because sometimes it just feels like my patience is being taken advantage of. Because waiting is what you know I'll do. That I'm too far in to walk away from it.

    You would be right.

    This is why I can't say no. Why I can't say enough is enough. Its because you're so nice and sweet and kind to me. Why? Because you're a good person, even if I know deep down that I'm just the next stepping stone. Because I really am patient and I will wait. Because I'm too far in to just walk away.
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