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Magic Types

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Moose, Dec 5, 2016.

  1. Moose

    Moose Spider-Buddy

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    12:06 PM
    I am working on a magical world where magic was out in the open from the beginning, and the events of the world are largely unaffected because I'm assuming an even distribution across races and nationalities. Thus any war that could have been helped if one side had magic, well, it stays pretty close to the same because both sides had magic. There are obviously a few key events that would be changed, for example, the titanic wouldn't sink because the iceberg would shatter against the enchanted hull. The Salem Witch trials wouldn't have happened because witchcraft is really easy to find, and anyone accusing an actual witch of being a witch isn't long for this world. I can't think of any others. If you can, post those here in the thread too.

    Anyways, I'm making a list of the magic types from the world, ordered most common to least common, and would like people to post their ideas and possibilities, and we can discuss why it would work or not work, and where they would fit in.

    Most common is Elemental, these are humans with the magical ability to control the four elements like in Avatar.

    Second Most common is Telekinetics, mages who can control objects with their mind, their dishes seems to do themselves and stuff like that.

    Third most common is Enchanters (It's placement is debatable, but it needs to be 10% of magic users)

    Next are the body enhancers and the summoners, body enhancers. The body enhancers are able to temporarily enhance their muscles and bones and other organs, it's unsustainable so it can't be used to live forever. Summoners are able to bring in other creatures to fight for them. They are the second least common and have the least amount.

    Finally are healers, healers are extraordinarily rare, and a good thing too, a healer with enough power can become functionally immortal. extraordinarily difficult to kill and never growing old and tired.