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Sci-Fi Masters of Via Lacta (interest check)

Discussion in 'Group Searches' started by Yiyel, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Yiyel

    Yiyel Member

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    1:53 PM
    Some individuals are just born better. Some fight to the top.
    Some are pushed there.

    Regardless, you're an immortal now. Where will your empire go?


    Something a little different. It will be quite slow compared to basically everything. This RP is a hybrid between a standard RP and a Nations RP - where you control both a nation leader affected by an Ichor, which effectively renders them immortal (if their species already weren't), and the nation itself. The RP will basically go through 3 modes:
    First, and the default: Research and Diplomacy. You will get to research whichever technologies you want (I will be in control of actual progress, and will count it as a "base time cost" subtracted by how much research capabilities you have, how many related technologies you already have, and how much sense it makes - so you should get ready to explain pseudo science :p), and will get to interact with other players (establishing trade deals, so on). All actions can either be publicly published in the thread, or PMed to me for private action. All updates I do will advance the universe by 20 years unless stated otherwise (the star year will be at the top of every post)

    Then, advanced diplomacy/summits. It will be possible to make summits to discuss broader things. When this happens, I will cease updates until the summit is over, effectively slowing time to basically nothing.

    Finally, war. Should two players declare war, a new war-related update section will be added, and all posts will only increment the year by one. At the end of a war (whether it is by defeat, a truce, or a peace agreement), time will skip forward to the nearest multiple of 20 and return to the research timing.

    There WILL be an overarching, time-sensitive plot to discover, and NPC empires as well.

    Thoughts? Interested?
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