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    : Being a staff member is not about a title or username color. You will be subject to deal with difficult and sometimes stressful situations. As a staff member, it is important to leave personal biases behind, whether good or bad, and work through any and all situations in a calm, professional manner.

    This application is to apply for a moderator position. If selected, you will go through a two week trial period to determine whether or not you will become an official staff member.

    • All staff members are age verified. Applicants must be age verified by staff or be willing to complete the age verification process if selected for a staff position.
    • Have a Skype account. Most staff chatting and planning is done via Skype chat.
    • Be able to contribute a fair amount of time to staff responsibilities.
    • Be a team player.


    Please answer all questions and PM the application to an administrator.
    @Catcher @Hooligan @Cecilia_Agnarsson

    1. How active are you on ANH’s forums?
    2. How have you contributed to the site (i.e., helping other members, suggesting improvements, etc.)?
    3. What experience(s) may qualify you for this position?
    4. What do you feel you can contribute as a staff member?

    What would you do if…
    • A member and another staff member enter an argument and come to you for resolution?
    • A member repeatedly argues with staff?
    • A member harasses another member offsite?

    The application process is now open. We are not accepting any new staff members at this time, but we are always accepting applications for the future. Please contact a staff member if you have any questions.
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