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Extreme Moon Life (Character)

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Moose, Jun 27, 2016.

  1. Moose

    Moose Spider-Buddy

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    12:05 PM
    Name: Burkhardt Schmidt
    Species: Human
    Sex: Male
    Age: 34
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Smith
    Marital status: Single

    Magical Talents: Very practiced in enchanting, highly specialized in elemental magic (only able to manipulate metals), can make himself twice as strong and fast as the average person.

    Outfit: White hooded robes, blue trousers, light blue scarf, Trench boots
    appearance: he is pale like the rest of his family, but rather short, perhaps the shortest adult in the city of Pagas, a short straight nose and soft features, but a strong chin.
    height: 4'9"
    build: slender
    hair: brown, short and spiky
    eyes: grey
    distinguishing marks: tattoos covering his entire body

    Personality: Quiet, Dedicated

    strengths: Skilled in the use of his blade and bow. Has the ability to magically manipulate metals very well, creating fine steels. Able to do battle enchantments on said objects. Moderate in body enhancement magic.
    weaknesses: Unskilled in most other forms of magic.
    likes: Making fine steel, practicing with his sword, silver
    dislikes: Copper
    fears: Facing a foe he cannot defeat alone
    goals: to live safely and peacefully
    secrets: Actually likes gold

    Family: No other family

    History: Burkhardt's mother was a light self enhancer and elemental, didn't dabble much in any other magics, and his father was a Smith enchanter working directly for the king. They were killed under suspicion of planning to defect to the magic nation a year previous. Bukhardt was trained by them through childhood and soon exceeded his father, though he could never be as good as his mother in her talents. He was unique for a Smith/Enchanter, in that he could fight and use his own weapons.

    He worked in his own private enchantment business, selling powerful tools to farmers, he only had customers come in more than once for different tools, for his never rusted nor dulled. On slow times, he contracted out to the military to supplement his money. Such times he got much more than he did selling tools for farmers, but he felt more fulfilled not contributing to wars, only relenting on learning how to fight when his parents insisted on it, out of fear of the kingdom.

    Upon their deaths, he decided it was time to leave the country, as quickly as possible.