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Male x Female New Year, New Writing

Discussion in 'One x One Searches' started by LittleRedChevy, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. LittleRedChevy

    LittleRedChevy Member

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    1:48 PM
    Looking to jump into one or two new stories.
    Due to working 40+ hours per week, it's likely that I can post 2x per week if not more on slow days.

    My posts have a great range. Typically I do at least two beefy paragraphs, most of the time I can pump out more. For me it really depends on what's going on in the scene and how much I'm given to play with.

    I HATE anime.
    I cannot stress it enough.

    MxF preferred.
    I prefer to play Female characters.

    Romance is a requirement.
    Building relationships is what I love; I hate killing stories by having love at first sight matches.

    Aside from the rp, I love being able to talk about random things with my partners.
    Forewarning: I'm a pretty unfiltered person.

    Any questions, send me a message.

    Would love:
    Dean x OC
    Sam x OC
    The Vampire Diaries

    Damon x OC
    Stefan x OC

    Four x OC

    Young & Hungry
    Gabi x Josh
    Gabi x Cooper
    Harry Potter

    Draco x Hermione
    Draco x OC

    The Originals
    Elijah x OC

    Pretty Little Liars

    Bridesmaid x Groomsman - really itching for this one, would like an enemies plot mixed in.
    Athlete x Coach's daughter
    Teacher x Student
    Vampire x Human
    Celebrity x Fan

    Country-related: rodeo, farm help, etc.
    Blind Date​
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