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    First Name: Veinahym (Vein-ah-hime)

    Last Name: /

    Nickname: Vein

    Sex: Male

    Language(s) : Common Alliance, learned Orcish from another Deathknight a long time ago.

    Marital Status: Died before he could wed, resurrected before he could meet her in the afterlife.

    Age: He doesn't remember, or care. (But he died at the age of 29)

    Sexual Orientation: Straight

    Race & Species: Worgen shapeshifter

    Height: 6'4 (Human) 9'0 standing straight up (Worgen)

    Weight: 210 (Human) 354 (Worgen)

    Body Structure: Very toned, wide shoulders, thickset muscles from a life (and death) of war in plate armor(Human)

    Same for worgen, but covered in brown fur with a grey/white mottling on his snout and running down the sides of his neck, same mottling on his feet and hands.

    Eyes: Pale glowing blue like all DK's.

    Hair: Black when human, dark brown when Worgen. Has a full beard that somehow ties itself into a war braid when he transforms..

    Notable Physical Features: He his missing half of his right ear, a permanent scar from when he was killed by having his head near caved in by a bladed mace.

    Clothing: Never takes his armor off

    Description/Reference Image:

    Likes: Battle- violence in general really, finding new weapons or ways to improve his current one, a long quest that ends in a grand finale, riding his Deathcharger, Tea.

    Dislikes: Silence, stillness, cats, most horde races, but has less hatred for the Trolls due to a friend he made in Darkspear during a smokey night of... well he can't really remember but it was a good time, mon.

    Fears: He has no fear beyond a reverent awe for the Lich King.

    Strengths: Powerful fighter, is incredibly strong, able to swing around giant weapons with only one hand, he's very good at looking out for his team and he always tries to keep them safe, he is very loyal, never backs down from a fight though this may also be viewed as a weakness when overwhelmed.

    Weaknesses: Very short tempered, impatient, takes situations immediately to the extreme if not mediated, he has a weakness for small, furry animals.

    Good Qualities: Loyal, protective, easy to befriend given you're on his side at the time you meet him.

    Bad Qualities: Impatient, brash, hotheaded, short temper.

    Habits: Sharpening things. Anything. From sharpening a stick to flint-napping a knife. Or sharpening a stick with a flint-napped knife he made.

    Turn-Ons: Strength of body and character combined, curvy butts.

    Turn-Offs: ^ the opposites, boring people (bookworms and such)

    Talents: Quite a good smith when it comes to weaponry, knows Runeforging as all DK's do.

    Temperament: Quick to action, relatively easy to get along with if you can cope with his instant decision making, usually with a lack of forethought.


    Background Information: Back when he was still human, he was a guard in a small nameless town several miles west of Gilneas. One night, on watch he was mauled by a feral werewolf as he investigated the sounds of a fight from inside a house. He killed it with nothing but his torch and bare hands, but was left cursed by the attack. In some years he was drafted mere weeks before he was set to wed his betrothed. He was slaughtered on the field of battle when his troop was ambushed by a horde of demons, though he didn't go down without taking a few dozen of them with him in a brutal and violent battle.

    Supernatural Powers/Abilities: Commands the powers of disease and death like other DK's.

    Power Weaknesses/Drawbacks: Well, he's dead. Kinda. It's unclear what a DK truly is.

    Weapons: Enormous rune-etched greatsword, claws and teeth.

    Pets: None

    Parents: Dead.

    Siblings: Dead.

    Children: Nope

    Allies: Alliance species, the Lich King, all other DK's.

    Enemies: Horde factions, The Legion, any demon or monster set on destroying lives.

    Beliefs/Religion: He was walked before the gods, and was not impressed. He takes no solace in religion.

    Career: Dead guy for hire.

    Education: Low level education, but knows a lot about foreign cultures from "studying" abroad.

    Dreams/Goals: None, really.

    Hobbies: whittling wood he finds to be of high quality, figurines or sharp things to pass the time.

    Theme song:
    You Will Bleed (Immediate Music)
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    “A monster that refused, sometimes, to behave like a monster.
    When a monster stopped behaving like a monster, did it stop being a monster? Did it become something else?”
    Kristin Cashore, Graceling


    First Name:

    Akraziel (Ah-Krah-Zell)
    Last Name:
    Raz, Ziel
    Thalassian, Orcish, Common, Gutterspeak, Zandali
    Marital Status:
    Was once set to wed Sig Nicious until he joined the ETC and became too good for everyone around him.
    112 looks as though she's mid 20s.
    Sexual Orientation:
    All over the damn place.

    Race & Species:
    Sin'dorei (Blood Elf)
    Body Structure:
    Tall, Thin, Curvy.
    Bright, glowing green.
    Mid back length, red.
    Notable Physical Features:
    A round pair of scars on both the front and back of her left shoulder from an arrow her sister accidentally loosed when they were younger. A red demon ward tattooed between her shoulderblades.
    Description/Reference Image:


    Forsaken, Naga, Sylvanas, Comfort, Mana, Animals, Fighting, Pretty colors, Bad jokes, herself.
    Pretty much everyone, The Alliance, most high elves, getting dirty, being awoken from sleep, demons.
    Becoming wretched, becoming a felblood, being captured by demons, becoming a mana or fel addict, another scourge war.
    Akraziel is a praiseworthy ranger with a talent for hawkeye. She's also a beast whisperer, finding it easier than others to bring pets to her side.
    She often ends up standing in the stupid, and gets so zoned into fights that she will often "auto-target" and attack creatures that have not been notified to her parties present. She's also known to argue with healers, challenge tanks, and choose pets that often don't fit the task.
    Good Qualities:
    Akraziel is determined to re-align herself with the Quel'dorei and reclaim the title of high elf. That means that she does attempt to get over old grudges and prejudices, always trying to display the honor and valour of her noble cousins incase they are watching.
    Bad Qualities:
    She often fails at this, letting loose her volatile and somewhat mad temper at those that she and other Sin'dorei blame for their present situation. She also often presses the limits of how long she can go without mana, resulting in a somewhat insanity until she gets what is needed.
    Starting fires, looking at herself, talking to her pets more than people.
    Strength, mana, discipline, orcs, demon hunters.
    Insanity, dependency, mana addiction, use of fel magic, humans, night elves.
    Skinning, Leatherworking, Hunting, A very good shot, self discipline, cooking with mana.
    Fiery. "Do no harm, take no shit..... What did you say to me?? You, I'll harm YOU"


    Background Information:
    Growing up outside of Silvermoon afforded Akraziel and her family a different sort of view on life as a blood elf. Having gone wretched not long after the birth of her youngest daughter, Akraziel's mother had been banished from the home and was undoubtedly living in a hole somewhere with the other Wretched. For years the girl's' father would disappear late at night, returning only to hide away and sob in his chambers which only resulted in a messenger returning one night instead of their father with news that his body had been found on the outskirts of a town lost to wretched leaving the girls to assume he had been trying to bring his wife back to sanity. It didn't take long after for Detainia to head down the path of the Fel, and into the even darker area of fel demon blood that was also slowly driving her to insanity. With so much addiction and insanity destroying her own life and the lives of everyone in the Sin'dorei community Akraziel relied heavily on the new sunwell to assist her in controlling her addictions. As a young ranger in training, she had decided that it would be possible with this new sunwell for the Blood Elves to heal and rejoin the ranks of the High Elves, a goal which she strives for. A little after reaching adulthood she left her home and began her long and eventful path of redeeming herself in the eyes of the Quel'dorei.
    Supernatural Powers/Abilities:
    Mana tap.
    Power Weaknesses/Drawbacks:
    Too much mana can cause addiction, too little can trigger withdrawal.

    Tha'leon - Mage - Wretched.
    Beltan - Ranger - Slain by Wretched.

    Detania - Ranger - Addicted to Demon blood.
    Forsaken, Western Horde
    Humans, Night Elves, Demons
    As ancient and mysterious as any other belf.
    Ranger gone adventurer.
    Trained in the school of Arcane magic, though never had the talent or interest for it. Trained as a ranger by her father and some members of the Windrunner family. Self taught the common language in hopes to make bonds with less hated members of the Alliance faction in order to redeem herself.
    To be accepted among the High Elves and see her people restored to their former glory.
    Long walks in the woods where she likes to bond with the beasts. Starting and feeding fires, swimming and raiding dungeons for cute armor.
    Theme song:
    The Fighter - In This Moment
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    First Name:
    Last Name: -
    Nickname: -
    Sex: Female
    Language/s: Draenei, Gnomish, Dwarven, Darnassian and Common Alliance. She takes pride in the fact that she knows all Alliance languages, having studied them all intensively.
    Marital Status: Widow.
    Age: She stopped counting after the first millennium.
    Sexual Orientation: Straight.

    Race & Species:
    Height: 7'9".
    Weight: 290 lb
    Body Structure: Keleos easily towers over most people. She has an athletic build: Not too lean, not too muscular.
    Eyes: Glowing, white.
    Hair: Greyish blue. Her hair is long, and curls towards the ends. Usually tied in a messy bun. She likes to decorate it, whether it's with a jeweled hairband, pearls or ribbons.
    Notable Physical Features: Her horns are usually what humans and those not used to Draenei focused on.
    Clothing: Her clothing is usually light, easy to move in and comfortable. She spends enough time in her armor as it is. A simple dress, with fitting accessories will do.
    She wears the Truesteel Battleplate and a Stormwind Tabard.
    Description/Reference Image: Quick drawing of her face.

    She likes helping people. The ones from the Alliance, at least. A job well done. Studying and teaching others.
    Dislikes: Orcs. Blood Elves. The Horde. Impatient people. Orcs. The Fel. Ghosts. Unnecessary and loud noises.
    Fears: Losing everything. Again. Death.
    Strengths: Keleos is a strong person. A long life of hardships will do that to you. She has come to terms with the fact that the world - the universe - is an unfair place, a realization that has only made her stronger. Despite this, she still believes in The Light. She believes that there's some good in... Most people. And this good needs to be protected and nurtured. She's incredibly patient.
    Weaknesses: Her blinding hatred for Orcs is her primary weakness - despite her usual calm and perhaps even solemn personality, an Orc wouldn't have much trouble pissing her off. She hates it when people doesn't do something properly and she isn't afraid of voicing this; not in a rude way, mind you, but she'll do it.
    Good Qualities: Patient and a great listener. She will listen to you for as long as you need - for hours, if necessary. Nurturing. She's quite knowledgeable and will share this knowledge if you ask.
    Bad Qualities: She hates Orcs and Blood Elves. Cooperation with those races is hard. The death of her people is deeply rooted within the core of her very being - she refuses to forgive and forget it. She could be described as distant: She knows people, but she's never truly had a close friend since Draenor.
    Habits: Sharing her knowledge; if you ask about something, she will tell you everything she knows. She likes to be prepared, which means making a lot of bandages during their downtime.
    Turn-Ons: None. Kindness will get you far. Loyalty. Friendliness. That said, she still compares people to her late husband; and she's horribly disappointed in every single person so far.
    Turn-Offs: Orcs. Loud people. Blood Elves. Addiction. Rudeness. Impatient people.
    Talents: She's an amazing jewelcrafter. Remembers almost everything. (mostly because she writes everything down - she has a lot of journals)
    Temperament: Quiet. Nurturing, but not friendly. She cares about the people she appreciates, but she's not trying to be their friend. She's solemn and courtly. Her patience knows no bounds. She's the perfect Paladin - aside from her... Issues with Orcs and Blood Elves. She tends not to let it affect her work, but expecting her to make friends with a member of either race would be a mistake. Pursues knowledge when she can get away with it. Believes - and hopes - that the Draenei will overcome the hardships of the past and will restore themselves to their former glory.

    Background Information:
    Keleos was born and raised on Draenor. From an early age, she was determined to become a Paladin - regarding these as the ultimate heroes and protectors. She could have become a Warrior, if she wanted; she certainly had the skill, but it felt more "right" for her to become a Paladin. Keleos was relatively young when she married; it was to her childhood sweetheart. Her husband was a civilian, never cared much for fighting. He was a farmer, raised mounts and pets on the side. Meanwhile, Keleos pursued her duties and eventually became a trainer and mentor for young Draenei. This simple life ended quickly when the Orcs invaded. They all but butchered her people. She lost her family, her students and most of her friends in that war. It changed her. She became distant. She was no longer as warm and friendly as she used to be. Whereas she used to respect the Orcs, she now hates them more than anything.
    She was among the few Draeneis on the Exodar. The... Episode with the Blood Elves has left a bad taste in her mouth and to say that she dislike them would be a monumental understatement.
    Since then, she's taken on a wide variety of odd jobs, keeping busy. The loss of her people no longer affect her as much as it used to; but she likes to stay busy, regardless.

    Supernatural Powers/Abilities: The Gift of the Naaru.
    Power Weaknesses/Drawbacks: She's only truly useful as a healer as long as she has mana.
    Weapons: The Silver Hand.
    Pets: Battle Pets! (not that she actually uses them for battling) She has Argi, Peanut and a mongoose.
    Parents: Deceased.
    Siblings: None.
    Children: None.
    Allies: The Alliance.
    Enemies: Orcs. Blood Elves. Demons. She doesn't hate the Horde that much - in fact, she seem to not entirely dislike the Tauren and Pandaren of the Horde.
    Beliefs/Religion: She doesn't... Exactly believe in the Light as a religion. More as a philosophy.
    Career: Sometimes, she teaches Paladins. Sometimes she teaches young people of the Alliance about the past. Mostly, she works to keep innocent people safe. Whether she has to kill a bunch of wolves preying on a farmer's sheep or an army of Demons. No task is "too small" for her.
    Education: Aside from her training as a Paladin, she has a high level of education.
    Dreams/Goals: Helping her people.
    Hobbies: She... Reads?
    Theme song: Hans Zimmer - Time
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