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The Yellow Brick Road OOC

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by undead_demo, Sep 27, 2016.

  1. undead_demo

    undead_demo A Magic Fish

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    Re-On, the city of the Goddess of the Light built upon hopes and dreams of those wishing for a better, peaceful life of prosperity and harmony. A place that quickly became the place to start over and achieve greatness. A metropolis comprised of everything one might imagine; the melting pot of the mythical world. The only place on earth one might find an elf and an orc living side by side, perhaps not in complete harmony but as best as one can conceive.

    As of late, the city has been in growing disarray as a darkness gradually thrives amongst the desperate and weak. While demons of every kind swaying in favor of their vices have begun to make the outer edges and ghettos of the city their immoral playground, meanwhile the higher ups turn a blind-eye to the chaos being wreaked corrupted by the untold treasures being found deep within the city's depths.

    Though the Goddess of the Light is simply an old myth these days, somehow by some mysterious power that be… Light has touched the city for the first time in several decades. Four priceless artifacts which have conveniently disappeared from the Goddess of the Light's forgotten temple and relocated to who knows where, which is being praised as a sign from the Goddess by some and conspiracy by others. Meanwhile as the authority that be deciphers whether this was burglary or some great hoax and attempt to recover the items, who are the unfortunate four to come across these artifacts?


    Rules of Play:
    - No god-modding.
    - Decent grammar/spelling etc.
    - No overpowering your chars.
    - Forum rules etc.
    - While I might be the GM for this RP, please don't expect me to push the story along on my own. This is where collaboration is key and I find especially in groups that sometimes this falls flat because people don't want to be stepping on toes etc. I'm all about creative freedom so long as you're not god-modding or overpowering, so don't be afraid to throw in your own twists. Or if there's something you want to do and you're worried about tossing it in, just ask. I don't bite. (:



    The Artifacts:
    - the Trident - undead_demo
    - the Harp - Corinthi
    - the Bow - MysticNymph
    - the Shield - Junnabee

    - Raxir
    - Hooligan


    Of course you're free to play multiple characters to enhance the story. Also feel free to add locations/places in the city that will be conducive to your characters. Everything is basically open, the only thing is there's no high-tech technologies like phones/computers etc. So please keep that in mind. If you have any questions, just ask. o:

    Once everyone's got characters made and such, I'll probably do post order if everyone agrees on that. I think one week to post when it's your turn seems fair once we get things rolling. And if you need an extra few days, feel free to say so too.

    Also, you may now call dibs.


    Char Profile Thread
    RP Thread
    Last edited: Sep 28, 2016
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