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    [image to come]
    Name: Illia
    Age: 25
    Height: 5'1"
    Background: An anomaly, she's born from an immigrant family of witches who just barely own an apothecary in one of the city's ghettos. The anomaly? She was born without any magical touch whatsoever.
    Abilities: The Trident, grants her ice/water magic.
    Motive: Learn how to freaking wield said Trident without killing anyone.

    I'll have a few more in the week.
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    Name: Nukpana Raven
    Race: Human Sorceress
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'9''
    Background: Oh the Goddess of Light, how Nukpana had always despised the name and the idea that had followed. Those living in the city had earned nothing but her deepest hatred. They were peaceful and prosperous while she and her kind had been shunned. There had been no place for those who used others to their advantage, for those who wanted to do nothing but harm. So she had made her own place in the world and ruled it with an iron fist. Waiting for the day that she could breach the purity of the city and shroud it in the darkness that she had loved so much.
    Abilities: Communicate with animals and insects, control willing animals, Erebokinesis
    Motive: Hatred

    Name: Xurek
    Race: Orc
    Age: 32
    Height: 6'5''
    Background: It had been many years since Xurek had been cast out, those who had promised him a new chance at life and the ability to wipe away his sins had turned their backs on him. He had been too aggressive and unwilling to play by the new rules that had been laid down before him. There were those who had made the decision that an example had to be made. He was mutilated and branded so that all would know what he was. He had always been and forever shall be a menace to society, the monster that many feared, the murderer that would bring about the end of days. There was little hope for redemption until he was found by Nukpana. The only person in his life to show him compassion and offer him revenge against the people that had mutilated him and left him mute. So he became her guardian and the protector that she didn't know that she had ever needed.
    Weapons: Orc Double Axe, various daggers
    Motive: Revenge

    [Will probably edit/add to]
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    being a sexy goddess
    somewhere in your dreams

    Malilon Sagehollow
    Background:Wood elf. She left her family to see the world and adventure. She learned to hunt with a knife and bow and arrow as a child. She was the only girl with 5 boys and her father raised them alone after her mother died.
    Abilities:Quick reflexes and the ability to read people's emotions. The bow gives her the ability to always hit her target she just has to think about where she wants the arrow to land. It is connected to her. She found it just outside the city. It came to her. She was looking for some berries and suddenly the bow appeared in her hand. It hasn't left her since.
    Motive:To find where this came from and why it came to her.
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    Age: 37
    Height: 5'11"
    Background: The child of a human nobleman and an elven prostitute, Asher is a creature of the streets. The bastard half breed was not accepted by humans or elves, so found himself drawn to other outcasts and misfits. Destined for a life of crime, he fell in with a street gang, learning the thief trade. While a criminal, he wasn't that bad a guy. He was generous with his takes, helping the less fortunate while trying to save enough money to open a small shop for his mother. A place where she could attend to the hair and makeup of well to do ladies, and not have to sell her body.

    As was too common with ladies in her profession, his mother caught a wasting disease, and despite him spending every scrap of his savings, she died with him holding her hand. Asher fell into a deep depression, using drugs to try to numb his loss and pain. It was during one of his hazy drug fueled stupors that the harp came to him. He dreamed of the golden harp, a treasure that could ease pain and bring harmony. A treasure that if he'd had before, could have saved his mother's life. Then, he woke up with it in his arms.

    Abilities: Music has the power to soothe and inspire, and Asher's harp amplifies those affects dramatically. His voice has a hypnotic quality that can be either very persuasive or ease a person's pain. When he plays his harp and sings, he can make people's emotions swell in accordance to his song. He can mend wounds and cure diseases. And, if need be, he can create incredibly powerful blasts of sound that can shatter stone. A creature does need to hear him for his magic to affect them.

    Motive: He's been given this Harp for a reason, and he knows that. However, he doesn't know why, and is still bitter from the loss of his mother. Part of him wants to deny whatever destiny he's supposed to pursue, and part of him just wants to know what's going on. Unable to ignore his powers, he seeks to use his gifts to help the disadvantaged and bring hope to the hopeless. And if by doing so, he can thumb his nose at the establishment, so much the better.
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    Name: Zanvier Damvik

    Race: Halfling (Human/???)

    Age: 26

    Height: 6'1"

    Background: Born on the cusp of the slums, Zanvier was no stranger to the harder side of life in city of Re-On. He was born to a beautiful human witch named Belinda in a particularly hot summer evening. He greeted the world with wails, tears, and horns that no one could explain in a pleasant matter - His mother thought him beautiful despite this. Zanvier was set up for a sad life from the beginning, born to a woman with no real status who had become pregnant after a vicious attack on her person when the air was still cold and unforgiving. Unsure of what he was or where he went, it would have surprised no one if she terminated the results or hated her son when he came. Belinda, however, was so loving it hurt. She was never the kind to blame a child she had yet to ever meet - to paste her past on the offspring she would come to give birth to - and relieve her suffering through the damnation of her son. She greeted him with open arms and so did her husband and his family. They treated him like their own.

    Zanvier, despite the cards stacked against him, knew love like no other - the love of family. While he was not most of they're kin by blood they treated him as such. He knew the love of a large middle-class working family. Surrounded by half-siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, and even a grandmother. They all lived close, in small houses crammed together on a small plot of land - and he would have never had it another way. They were his safety blanket and reassurance over the years. They were his everything.

    He was taught so much thanks to his family. Every way he turned there was someone willing to teach him something - he was never at a loss for something to learn. From small handcrafts to combat magics, he made sure to at least get the basics of the concepts into his mind. In return for the unconditional love and the wealth of knowledge, he found himself striving to provide. Odd jobs - sometimes less than kosher - became his bread and butter.

    He's taken very off guard one day when he finds himself in possession of the shield.

    Abilities/Weapons: The Shield and his Athame and Boline. Before he revised the shield he was mostly a Witch of the Fire variety. He stuck mostly to elemental rituals - and most of them were small in nature unless they were fire based, which was his affinity. It's likely that his father was some fire-based intently because even before the shield he could cast fire with the use of his Athame or Boline - passing up a ritual altogether.

    When he received the shield he found himself with the ability to take energy from magical blows (preferably to the shield so he's not affected by said blow - no sense in stealing the energy if you got murdered by it) and internalise or disperse it. He can only hold so much energy before he had to feed it into a spell or something else - lest he run the risk of it burning him up or tearing him apart. This also means he has to be careful just what blows he takes in order to absorb them.

    Motive: To protect his family and make a better life for them, at all cost. Maybe find out his father's lineage if at all possible - but it's not top priority. And finally, to make a name and place for himself through accomplishments and self-discovery; he always thought it would be something else to have some great adventure.

    {May make edits}
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    : Balthasar

    Age: 34, technically

    Height: 9.5 inches

    Background: Born a dark elf, sometimes known as a Shadowskin, Balthasar grew up the younger of two children of a relatively well-off family of black magick market traders. With access to the obscure, questionable and even illegal artifacts, spells, and potions, he quickly acquired an affinity for the occult side of magic. He studied ancient languages and dabbled in various black magick arts such as divination, illusion, and astral projection, even going so far as tattooing and marking his own body to enhance his abilities.

    He made a living as a magic shop owner as a front and part-time black market trader behind closed doors.

    His spells didn't always go as planned. In an overzealous attempt to walk the plane of spirits, his body was transported through the portal instead of his spirit, leaving a ghost behind to attach to the nearest living vessel... a cat.

    Abilities: He has extensive knowledge of the dark arts and various languages. He can create small illusions such as making a single decrepit room look new and beautiful, but he cannot create complete reality changing illusions. He's limited to smaller scale things at present. (Having lost his physical body severely inhibits his abilities.) He can somewhat manipulate shadows and "disappear." Astral projection requires a certain amount of concentration and ritual to perform but he has been known to project himself in his sleep.

    Motive: Finding someone who can help change him back to normal. The witch and the Goddess' artifacts are his best lead so far.
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