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    This is a character thread for the obnoxiously-titled This Is Gonna Be Awesome/Disastrous. Do whatever you like with the profile, really-- the only reason mine is so detailed is because I'm copying it over from my character thread and I used Hooligan's ridiculously detailed character profile for that.

    If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
    You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
    Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
    You think I'll let it go you're mad
    You've got another thing comin'!

    First Name: Irvsvyne.
    Middle Name: Nope.
    Last Name: Sadora.
    Nickname: She's the Dragonborn! The hero of legend! The slayer of dragons! Champion of the weak and guardian of the downtrodden! The snazziest, slickest, smoothest, most charming heroine in all the land! Okay, so most of these nicknames are really only popular with her. They still count!

    Otherwise, she sometimes gets 'Ivy' from certain parties who find her first name somehow unpalatable. She doesn't mind. It's got a ring to it.

    Sex: No thank you.
    Gender: Lady.
    Birthday: Who knows?
    Language(s): Honestly, whatever she's saying in any given language will probably make so little sense that it may as well be any language.
    Marital Status: 'Oh man, I broke my marital bone real bad one time wrestling a giant,' Sadora declares confidently.
    Age: It's anybody's guess, really. Sadora doesn't seem to care much.
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual and aromantic, more or less. Neither sex nor romance has ever occurred to her and if they did she wouldn't really see the point. That being said, she can and does love-- with all the intensity and passion and innocence which characterises her in all other matters; but that love will always be platonic, never romantic.


    Race & Species: Dunmer, as evidenced by the greyish-black skin and eyes the colour of tomato juice.
    Height: 5'5/165cm.
    Weight: Something like 170lb.
    Body Structure: Strong and well-muscled.
    Eyes: Bright, gleaming red.
    Hair: Grey.
    Blood Type: 'Well, I usually prefer any blood outside of veins to be that of my enemies,' Sadora remarks thoughtfully.
    Notable Physical Features: There's just something about the way Sadora carries herself that defies both her height and the fact that she's an absolute idiot and transforms her into a ten foot tall mythical hero. It's almost magnetic.
    Clothing: Sadora's never really cared much for armour, so she opts for simple fare. Long coats, trousers, durable boots, all in fairly dark colours.
    Description/Reference Image:
    Sadora has the physique of a tavern pugilist-- of lithe and agile frame, with lean muscles packed onto arms and abdomen, she compensates for a rather middling height with an attitude that seems larger than life, more suited to an epic hero than a bar brawler. The scars that line the contours of her sharp-edged face don't exactly hurt that, though every time she's asked where they came from, it's a different story; yesterday, she received them while fighting her way out of an imperial prison. Today, she's decided they came about during a brutal battle with a giant. Tomorrow, she'll probably tell you she was mauled while wrestling a saber cat with her bare hands. Her eyes gleam vivid sanguine with a zest for any challenge, realistic or not, and her hair is as grey as the snow-dusted mountaintops of the south, often bound in a low ponytail.


    Likes: Challenges, legends, epic battles, bar brawls, opportunities to be a big damn hero, cuddling. She really likes cuddling.
    Dislikes: It's kind of hard to bum Sadora out... I guess she's easily disappointed if she's expecting something epic and it fails to live up to that expectation, but otherwise, she's pretty irrepressibly happy.
    Fears: Honestly, Sadora's never really thought of them enough to have any. She does, however, have a deeply buried fear of dying alone. Really, being alone. It's how she spent most of her life until she fell in with her companions and the thought of going back to that is pretty devastating for somebody who, beneath all the tales of adventure and heroism, really just wants to have a family.
    Strengths: Sadora has an uncanny sense for... well, the narrative of her life-- which is to say, she doesn't so much break the fourth wall as much as she climbed up on top of it, sat down, and started looking at her world from that purview. She's also incredibly perceptive of the emotions of the people around her, and though in many ways she's exactly as dumb as she seems, her attunement to the feelings of others bestows upon her a certain understanding that even her wisest peers couldn't hope to rival.
    Weaknesses: Like I said, she's an idiot. I mean, really, just no sense whatsoever. And for a hero of legend, she's honestly not even that amazing of a fighter-- oh, she can fuck some shit up in a tavern brawl, sure, but giants? Trolls? Dragons? You can't just punch those things into submission... Not that it's ever stopped Sadora from trying. Repeatedly. Again and again.
    Good Qualities: She's one of the most pure-hearted people you'll ever meet, and though she seems to care only for glory and legend, she truly wants nothing more than to help the people of Tamriel however she can, and will do pretty much anything for you whether you're her close companion or somebody she met on the road five minutes ago. She's incredibly protective of her friends, and if she perceives one of them to be hurting, she'll move mountains to make them feel better.
    Bad Qualities: But I mean seriously this twit is an absolute idiot. She has no concept of her own relative strength and has never encountered a fight she didn't go charging into irrespective of how out of her element she was-- it's stunning that somehow she hasn't gotten herself killed by now. And though she's got a remarkable sense for people's emotions, she's also incredibly naive, and she sometimes either doesn't know how to interpret the emotions she recognises or chooses to ignore them if she doesn't like the implications they lead to.
    Habits: She doesn't drink or do any drugs, but she does have a really bad habit of crawling into her companions' bedrolls at night and cuddling them. It's pretty obnoxious. She also has a bad habit of referring to whoever she happens to be talking to at any given moment as her 'best friend', which would be hurtful if anybody actually wanted to be her best friend.
    Turn-Ons: Sadora likes most kinds of people, really. It's hard to make her truly dislike you: as long as you're decent at heart (and she has a way of telling) you're good in her book.
    Turn-Offs: On the other hand, she has a way of telling if somebody's rotten to the core, and for these people, she's got two fists and a lot of punching to do.
    Talents: Aside from her knack for narrative and her sense for the emotions of others, Sadora is an admittedly talented storyteller. She loves legends and myths, knows enough to fill several volumes, and she's pretty good at reenacting them.
    Sadora is... uh, what's the word? Oh right! An idiot. She's an idiot. She has no concept of what she can and can't do, regularly does things that almost certainly should kill her because they seem exciting, and appears convinced that she is, in fact, a world-class hero and not a somewhat dim-witted fistfighter with not much to boast other than an almost preternatural luck. But she's got a good heart, and earnestly believes that she can and should do anything she can to help the people around her-- even if she kind of loses track of that thought the second she hears a dragon and decides 'ooh, I'm going to go put it in a chokehold'.


    Background Information: Nobody would have thought the mythical Dragonborn could possibly turn out to be this. The Dovahkiin was meant to be a great Nord warrior, a hero whose sword felled demigods, whose shield held the darkest aberrations of the abyss at bay. She was most decidedly not meant to be a completely witless Dunmer wanderer who crossed the border into Skyrim and managed to instantly get herself arrested and sent to the headsman's block.

    Call it what you will-- divine intervention or the luck of a fool-- but that wasn't destined to be the day Irvsvyne Sadora perished. Instead, it was the day Skyrim discovered that its saviour was literally the dumbest living thing in the world. She escaped certain death, and in doing so embarked on a quest that would prove her greatest-- more importantly, over the course of that quest, she found something she'd never had before: a family. And that meant more to her than all the adventure and all the heroics in the world.
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    Shut your fucking mouth
    I don't care what you say
    You keep talking
    Talking everyday

    First Name: Eloamka.
    Middle Name: Nope.
    Last Name: Mirannon.
    Nickname: Sadora is fond of referring to her as simply Mira, because according to Sadora, 'what the hell kind of name is Mir-- Mira-- how is that even pronounced? Is that even a name? Do I have to use some kind of weird Redguard magic to invert my tongue and turn my voice box inside out to say that? I'm just going to call you Mira. That's a pretty name, right, Mira?' How somebody with a trainwreck of a name like Irvsvyne gets away with calling Mirannon's name difficult is beyond her, but then, Sadora is something of an odd one...
    Sex: Occasional.
    Gender: Female.
    Birthday: Does anybody even care?
    Language(s): Mirannon is fluent in a number of languages-- namely, whatever Lestari decides she needs to be fluent in to make the story work at any given time.
    Marital Status: She has made references to having been married at some point in the past to a man she parted ways with in Hammerfell.
    Age: Thirty five, and looks it.
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.


    Race & Species: Redguard.
    Height: 5'6/168cm
    Weight: 132lb
    Body Structure: Lithe, wiry musculature over a slender frame.
    Eyes: Brown.
    Hair: Brown.
    Blood Type: 'That's... not what blood type means, Ivy,' Mirannon says with a sigh.
    Notable Physical Features: Not much of note. I guess her skin is somewhat pale for a Redguard, but here in Skyrim where everybody's whiter than rice on a paper plate in a snowstorm, the distinction seems minimal.
    Clothing: As a scout, Mirannon has little use for armour; if she's in a direct combat situation, she's already fucked up. She does wear leather bracers over her clothes, though.
    Description/Reference Image: Of average height, with a slender physique outlined by light muscle, Mirannon is well suited to the agility and quick reflexes demanded of a scout. She has a proud, well-sculpted face, with high cheekbones, a small pointed nose, and full lips; her brown eyes have mastered that tenuous balance between exasperation, contempt, and vague amusement, and her brown hair is shaven down to almost nothing.


    Likes: Likes... Uh... Well, she enjoys the open wilderness, and loves tracking, whether it's one of Skyrim's many strange beasts or an enemy of the Dragonborn. She also enjoys the occasional witty repartee with whichever members of the party can withstand her barbs and return in kind. Otherwise, she just appreciates peace and quiet, which are... precious commodities in Sadora's company, sadly.
    Dislikes: Man, what doesn't get on Mirannon's nerves? Honestly, she's a pretty irascible person, so she'll probably find a way to be annoyed by pretty much anything. Heck, she's even annoyed by the things she likes, since she knows something's inevitably going to fuck up her enjoyment of them.
    Fears: Being found out.
    Strengths: Mirannon may not be much of a fighter, but she's an excellent tracker and scout with a great head for tactics. She's a decent apothecary with a firm grasp of potions and medicinal herbs, and is a hell of an actor, too.
    Weaknesses: Unlike (Kenico's thief character), Mirannon isn't suited to using her stealth and agility to kill, and in a straight fight, most fighters will easily take the advantage over her.
    Good Qualities: Well... she can be nice when she wants to be, at least. And she's adamantly committed to those things she's decided are foremost in her life; no other emotional commitment will supersede them.
    Bad Qualities: She's kind of an asshole. I mean, she usually doesn't go out of her way to be cruel, but her crass attitude can be more than a little off-putting. She's pretty easily frustrated by what she perceives to be the incompetence of her peers, too.
    Habits: When she gets nervous, she tends to twist the golden band on her left ring finger back and forth.
    Turn-Ons: Mirannon likes people who can stand on even footing with her in a bit of abrasive banter, as well as-- ironically-- people who are frank and forthright about their intentions and beliefs. Physically, she's attracted to people who are tall but svelte, dark skinned and dark haired; she'd never admit it, but she's got kind of a thing for glasses. The nerdy type, basically.
    Turn-Offs: She can't stand naivete, and is disgusted by people who are easily hurt by words. Acting all mushy and sensitive is a great way to get on her bad side. I mean, pretty much everything is a great way to get on her bad side, but that especially. Physically, she's put off by people who look like one big walking muscle, and despises moustaches. Beards are fine, but by the gods, upper lips were not meant to have hair on them, dammit.
    Talents: Tracking, scouting, tactics, making potions, acting.
    Temperament: About as gentle as a warhammer to the face and with a sense of humour that's every bit as caustic as a poison draught, Mirannon's not an easy person to get along with. She appears to have no real filter and little compunction against insulting a fellow companion if she believes they deserve it. She's never quite soft or kind, but there are times that she can be a little less abrasive, something approaching friendly, even.


    Background Information: Mirannon's been with Sadora perhaps longer than any other companion, and though neither seems to really remember just how they ended up together, Sadora seems to have developed an intense fondness for the irritable Redguard; anybody who so much as implies Mirannon's lack of utility in direct combat makes her an unworthy companion gets a swift boot to the ass. Mirannon's reaction to Sadora's sentiments (which seem to vacillate between child-like admiration and close friendship) is usually one of irritation-- but then, who knows what affections have been shared far from the prying eyes of others?
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    First Name: Lyscan
    Middle Name: Bjodzik
    Last Name: Griefsla
    Nickname: Wolf (before he was sealed away he was known as The Wolven Lich for he wore the pelts of wolves and never sat idle while his minions did things for him, but let them like an alpha predator)

    Sex: if you're into that sorta thing...
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Beyond his own memory
    Language(s) : All tongues, but as the saying goes, jack of all trades, master of none.
    Marital Status: Married to his ego.
    Age: About, oh, 3000ish?
    Sexual Orientation: Doesn't actually have carnal interests.

    Race & Species: Lich, previously a nord.
    Height: 7'10
    Weight: 190 pounds
    Body Structure: Extremely gaunt figure, not much meat on the bones.
    Eyes: Empty sockets, replaced by magical eyes that are a pure icy blue in color.
    Hair: thin and weak, white.
    Blood Type: dusty.
    Notable Physical Features: His bones are elongated, causing spikes of blackened bone to protrude from his body, mostly on his back and shoulders and giving him a height and reach advantage over most mortal folks, very long fingernails that he actually makes use of to fight. They are capable of piercing plate like a spear, but that would require getting close enough and his opponent simply letting him do that. His skin is white and paper like to the touch, but it is as strong as cured leather armor.
    Clothing: A roughspun mages cloak stained by age old blood and.. other fluids of anonymous origin. Best not to ask. He wears a steel mask, since his face is... lacking.
    Description/Reference Image:

    Likes:He is an observant person, and really enjoys the pursuit of knowledge, through observation, experience, reading, and spoken history. He really likes bustling towns and cities that are full of commotion, as there's always something to take his attention and never a reason to be bored. He enjoys making clothes, or armour. Either or, provided the materials are on hand.
    Dislikes: Fire. Excessive humidity. Cats.
    Fears: He fears the old gods, even the most powerful Lich pays respect to the ancient beings of the world, he harbors a particular fear for fire spitting dragons.
    Strengths: Incredibly resistant to physical damage, good at keeping himself alive even through extreme trauma with his life drain skills, and his ice based protective magic. He is entirely immune to the effects of cold and poison, and dark magic is weak against him. He doesn't need to breath or eat. He is extremely strong, but not exceeding a well trained warrior by very much.
    Weaknesses: Burns like a sheet of paper thats been dried for a century. Which, sitting in a dry tomb basically did to him. He cannot cast spells if he does not have his spell tome, as it acts as a catalyst for his magical power. He lacks skill with any kind of weapon aside from his claws, a bow or spear will put him at a disadvantage.
    Good Qualities: Even through his lack of sympathy for the living, he considers his companions as minions or possessions, so seeks to protect them from harm (he also just enjoys their company way more than draugrs). He enjoys watching people in their lives, finding mortal toils like finding sustenance or work for coin an amusing topic- even if he doesn't care for them. As far as Liches go, he is rather humble, speaking to "lower beings" (mortals) in disguise to find leads to potential exciting adventures.
    Bad Qualities: Tends to be ruthless in combat, never sparing someone by his own choice. His rage is quite dramatic, if driven to that point. Don't make a Lich angry. You won't like them when their angry.
    Habits: Staring at the moon for 12 hours straight, or staring at the sun for 12 hours straight. Sometimes both in a row. Thoroughly enjoys reading story books, fiction or records of heroes- or villains, past. Records his journey constantly after every encounter or even just seeing unique creatures.
    Turn-Ons: None
    Turn-Offs: None
    Talents: Can speak every language, including draconic, he cannot actually use the thoom, but he understand the words. He has tried to make shouts, but since he cannot use the thoom, or met anyone who can, he's never put them to the test as functional phrases. He's an exceptional smith and tailor (Not specifically the best gear, but he is very good at enchanting items and making armour look nice), having spent much of his time out of his tomb learning to craft as a hobby. He may or may not use his deformed needle like claws in his craft. Truly, a Lich's touch. He's a skilled alchemist, and for the love of Talos never put him on cooking duty.
    Temperament: Usually sarcastic and passive, doesn't usually care whether someone lives or dies as he believes himself above such trifles. Kinda narcissistic. He is surprisingly curious about some things, like how other people perceive situations emotionally, or how something tastes, how a certain touch may feel- since he's numb to most sensation and emotion with some exceptions.

    Background Information: Lyscan was born a Nordling, though he can't remember much about his life before being a Lich. He had someone he loved, but he sacrificed her heart for his power. Literally. He cut her heart out and ate it as part of a ritual which turned him into a Lich. He was betrayed by those he subjugated and buried "alive" in a tomb of ice and stone for thousands of years. In recent years, a band of bandits seeking treasure raided his tomb and started cutting their way through his draugr horde. When they reached him, he put on a show, killing a few of them but leaving enough alive to spread the rumour that the Lich was actually dead, allowing him to sneak out later without suspicion of a roaming Lich making things difficult for him.

    He has a pet:
    blindheim_by_beastysakura-d6c8ptp.jpg (contrary to the picture above, it's not covered in green zits, but is entirely smooth, white / red skin.)
    A gross creature that appears amphibious in nature, it wasn't summoned by Lyscan yet is loyal to him like a dog. In fact, it's pretty much just a big.. gross, wet veiny dog. With no hair, that spits acid. And can bite through a brick wall. But, like a dog, it is extremely friendly by nature. It's only slightly larger than the average dog but considerably wider. It is blind on one side due to a fight it was nearly killed in, which is when Lyscan found it, took interest, and kept it alive as a pet due to its generally useful nature as a producer of alchemical ingredients from its saliva to its acid, nails and skin samples.
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    W.I.P (I'm not very proud of this profile)


    First Name: Arner
    Last Name: Nightvale
    Nickname: Love Archer, Ladies Man,
    Sex: Sure I'm down.
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: Anyday
    Language(s): Language of love.
    Marital Status: Single and always down to mingle.
    Age: Old enough
    Sexual Orientation: Everything


    Race & Species: Bosmer
    Height: 5'10 ft
    Weight: 140 lbs
    Body Structure: Athletic Build
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Blond

    Blood Type: Delicious
    Notable Physical Features: He has a Van Dyke that he is quite proud of. Mustache curling up ever so slightly and a small triangular beard protruding from the chin, expertly trimmed to perfection. Arner wears his pulled back in a ponytail. He is excessively vain about his appearance.

    Clothing: He wears a dark green cloak with leather armor under it.
    Description/Reference Image: (make sure images comply with ANH's rules)

    (Minus the face paint)

    Likes: Love, Sex, Cuddling, Witty Banter, The Hunt, Flirting, A fine wine, Marksmanship, a challenge
    Dislikes: Filthy, rundown, damp, dungeons.

    Fears: An unstrung bow, take that as you will.
    Confidence, Flirting, Sex, Wit, Marksmanship
    Weaknesses: Over Confidence, Thinking he has a chance with everyone, Sub-par swordplay
    Good Qualities: Confidence, Wit,
    Bad Qualities: Vain, Over Confidence
    Habits: Restringing his bow.
    Turn-Ons: Pretty much everything
    Turn-Offs: Filth
    Temperament: Extremely flirtatious Arner will hit on and try to seduce all he meets. He thinks he has a chance with anyone and loves the challenge of getting people to like him. Deep down he does actually wants to find a true love but for now it's all about the fun of flirting.


    Background Information:
    The Nightvale family is a long line of Bosmer Archers. Arner start from a young age at archery and was taken on many hunts with his father. He spent years honing his craft. While he wasn't practicing archery he was hitting on everyone in his settlement. All ended in horrible disaster. So much so that he left his home province and went to Skyrim to start anew.

    His trusty bow and a saber that admittedly he is not very good at using.
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    Good Girl
    My Personal Bubble
    First Name: Taliana
    Middle Name: none
    Last Name: Belensor
    Nickname: Tali
    Sex: Female (very funny)
    Gender: wait, what? Female...
    Birthday: Nine months after Date of conception
    Language(s): About a handful
    Marital Status: super single
    Age: 26
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual


    Race & Species: Breton
    Height: 5'4"
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Body Structure: Lean and poised looking
    Eyes: Green
    Hair: Copper
    Blood Type: Sprinkled in glittery magic that even Unicorns envy
    Notable Physical Features: Pointed ears
    Clothing: Magical robes of awesome magic with magicalness
    Description/Reference Image:
    She's not that cool, the image must have been altered. She wears robes. Lots of robes! Okay just regular robes. Robes are cool


    Likes: The cold weather, any and all spellcraft, collecting ingredients for her potions, reading, social situations
    Dislikes: Having her personal space invaded, surprises, long dungeons, being dirty
    Fears: Being left behind
    Strengths: Restoration and Conjuration, high resistance to destructive and dominating magical attacks , Her resting bitch face
    Weaknesses: Destruction (clumsy with fire spells especially), easily startled, not very physically strong
    Good Qualities: Likes making sure others are taken care of (well fed, comfortable, etc)
    Bad Qualities: Sounds like a bitch most of the time, even when she's trying to be nice, has a serious case of resting bitch face
    Habits: counts her fingers when she is anxious
    Turn-Ons: the fresh smell of a book/spell tome/recipe
    Turn-Offs: Unkempt people
    Talents: Excellent Cook, NegotiatEnchanting, Alchemy
    Temperament: Arrogant, Prudish, Passionate, eccentric, intelligent, and willful. She's a bit of a strange one but cares very little about what others think of her personally , but she cares how she's viewed in her professional manner.


    Supernatural Powers/Abilities: Magic powers of magical magic sprinkled with more magic
    Power Weaknesses/Drawbacks: Requires magical energy which takes time to replenish
    Weapons: Staff
    Pets: miniature rabbit , nothing special about her other than she's very sweet and likes anything one feeds her.... Anything...
    Parents/Elders/Guardians/Friends: Alive, Family in High Rock, friends at the college of Winterhold
    Siblings: None, she was an only child
    Children: "Are a nuisance, but maybe someday" , she shoo's away a child asking to be adopted.
    Allies: her companions, Dragonborn
    Enemies: that Damn J'zargo, thinks he's so much better... Pfft... J'zargo...
    Beliefs/Religion: is a worshipper of the eight Divines along with three Elven deities, Magnus, Y'ffre, and Phynaster, and Sheor, who is unique to the Bretons
    Career: Mage
    Education: College of Winterhold
    Dreams/Goals: To master all schools of magic
    Hobbies: Cooking, has always been interested in archery, collecting rare flowers

    Background Information: Born to two wonderful Breton parents in High Rock, they moved to the northern part of Skyrim to start a life of their own. When Tali was old enough, she attended the College of Winterhold to really hone in on her skills. Though she has an affinity for all schools of magic, she specializes in restoration and conjuration. She's also skilled in the art of Enchanting, Alchemy and Cooking which she absolutely considers an art. She was immediately drawn to the Dragornborns quest when she dropped by the College and now travels with her and her companions. She hates it but likes it at the same time, so she remains.
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    First Name: Dravynea

    Middle Name: Shishi

    Last Name: Avalain

    Nickname: ShiShi, Dranae, Rabbit

    Sex: Female

    Language(s): Nord, Dunmeri, leaves the rest to the Lich.

    Marital Status: Currently in a one way relationship with the lusty argonian.

    Age: Old enough to know better... but still doesn't know better.

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual


    Race & Species: Dunmer

    Height: 5'4"

    Weight: Right around 130

    Body Structure: Thin but not straight cut, few curves, top muscled from a life of working.

    Eyes: Bright red, flecks of orange.

    Hair: Black, mid back.

    Notable Physical Features: Nothing that sets her apart from other dunmer.



    Description/Reference Image:


    Likes: Adventure, Books, Daedra, The Lich, Sweet Rolls, Music

    Dislikes: Imperials, Flirty people, Creatures that are not Dunmer or Lich, Mean things, anyone who threatens to eat Sheo.

    Fears: Daedra, Dragons, Draugr, Chaurus, pretty much everything big and scary.

    Strengths: Is very knowledgeable, has read alot of books. Is good at finding weakness in enemies, a really good field cook.

    Weaknesses: Books, she will put herself in the worst kind of situations for the books. Following Lyscan. Sweet Rolls, same with books.

    Good Qualities: Smart

    Bad Qualities: Maybe a little evil.

    Habits: Chewing on things.

    Turn-Ons: Daedra, Adventurous opportunities, Being protected.
    Turn-Offs: The 9 divines, talk of Talos, anything remotely imperial.

    Talents: Cooking, Singing, Story telling

    Temperament: Sanguine

    The sanguine temperament is traditionally associated with air. People with this temperament tend to be lively, sociable, carefree, talkative, and pleasure-seeking. They may be warm-hearted and optimistic. They can make new friends easily, be imaginative and artistic, and often have many ideas. They can be flighty and changeable; thus sanguine personalities may struggle with following tasks all the way through and be chronically late or forgetful.
    Pedagogically, they can be best reached through awakening their love for a subject and admiration of people.


    Background Information: Dravynea was born to a simple farm life with her parents on the southern borders of Skyrim, not far from Riften. She grew up tending grape plants, and learning to fight with her father. Her parents would read to her every night, her favorite book being "The doors of Oblivion" where she learned of the daedric lords that would later become her religion.


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