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Extreme This Is Gonna Be Awesome/Disastrous

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Lestari, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. Lestari

    Lestari And we have sent you not but as a mercy

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    This is a character thread for the obnoxiously-titled This Is Gonna Be Awesome/Disastrous. Do whatever you like with the profile, really-- the only reason mine is so detailed is because I'm copying it over from my character thread and I used Hooligan's ridiculously detailed character profile for that.

    If you think I'll sit around as the world goes by
    You're thinkin' like a fool cause it's a case of do or die
    Out there is a fortune waitin' to be had
    You think I'll let it go you're mad
    You've got another thing comin'!

    First Name: Irvsvyne.
    Middle Name: Nope.
    Last Name: Sadora.
    Nickname: She's the Dragonborn! The hero of legend! The slayer of dragons! Champion of the weak and guardian of the downtrodden! The snazziest, slickest, smoothest, most charming heroine in all the land! Okay, so most of these nicknames are really only popular with her. They still count!

    Otherwise, she sometimes gets 'Ivy' from certain parties who find her first name somehow unpalatable. She doesn't mind. It's got a ring to it.

    Sex: No thank you.
    Gender: Lady.
    Birthday: Who knows?
    Language(s): Honestly, whatever she's saying in any given language will probably make so little sense that it may as well be any language.
    Marital Status: 'Oh man, I broke my marital bone real bad one time wrestling a giant,' Sadora declares confidently.
    Age: It's anybody's guess, really. Sadora doesn't seem to care much.
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual and aromantic, more or less. Neither sex nor romance has ever occurred to her and if they did she wouldn't really see the point. That being said, she can and does love-- with all the intensity and passion and innocence which characterises her in all other matters; but that love will always be platonic, never romantic.


    Race & Species: Dunmer, as evidenced by the greyish-black skin and eyes the colour of tomato juice.
    Height: 5'5/165cm.
    Weight: Something like 170lb.
    Body Structure: Strong and well-muscled.
    Eyes: Bright, gleaming red.
    Hair: Grey.
    Blood Type: 'Well, I usually prefer any blood outside of veins to be that of my enemies,' Sadora remarks thoughtfully.
    Notable Physical Features: There's just something about the way Sadora carries herself that defies both her height and the fact that she's an absolute idiot and transforms her into a ten foot tall mythical hero. It's almost magnetic.
    Clothing: Sadora's never really cared much for armour, so she opts for simple fare. Long coats, trousers, durable boots, all in fairly dark colours.
    Description/Reference Image:
    Sadora has the physique of a tavern pugilist-- of lithe and agile frame, with lean muscles packed onto arms and abdomen, she compensates for a rather middling height with an attitude that seems larger than life, more suited to an epic hero than a bar brawler. The scars that line the contours of her sharp-edged face don't exactly hurt that, though every time she's asked where they came from, it's a different story; yesterday, she received them while fighting her way out of an imperial prison. Today, she's decided they came about during a brutal battle with a giant. Tomorrow, she'll probably tell you she was mauled while wrestling a saber cat with her bare hands. Her eyes gleam vivid sanguine with a zest for any challenge, realistic or not, and her hair is as grey as the snow-dusted mountaintops of the south, often bound in a low ponytail.


    Likes: Challenges, legends, epic battles, bar brawls, opportunities to be a big damn hero, cuddling. She really likes cuddling.
    Dislikes: It's kind of hard to bum Sadora out... I guess she's easily disappointed if she's expecting something epic and it fails to live up to that expectation, but otherwise, she's pretty irrepressibly happy.
    Fears: Honestly, Sadora's never really thought of them enough to have any. She does, however, have a deeply buried fear of dying alone. Really, being alone. It's how she spent most of her life until she fell in with her companions and the thought of going back to that is pretty devastating for somebody who, beneath all the tales of adventure and heroism, really just wants to have a family.
    Strengths: Sadora has an uncanny sense for... well, the narrative of her life-- which is to say, she doesn't so much break the fourth wall as much as she climbed up on top of it, sat down, and started looking at her world from that purview. She's also incredibly perceptive of the emotions of the people around her, and though in many ways she's exactly as dumb as she seems, her attunement to the feelings of others bestows upon her a certain understanding that even her wisest peers couldn't hope to rival.
    Weaknesses: Like I said, she's an idiot. I mean, really, just no sense whatsoever. And for a hero of legend, she's honestly not even that amazing of a fighter-- oh, she can fuck some shit up in a tavern brawl, sure, but giants? Trolls? Dragons? You can't just punch those things into submission... Not that it's ever stopped Sadora from trying. Repeatedly. Again and again.
    Good Qualities: She's one of the most pure-hearted people you'll ever meet, and though she seems to care only for glory and legend, she truly wants nothing more than to help the people of Tamriel however she can, and will do pretty much anything for you whether you're her close companion or somebody she met on the road five minutes ago. She's incredibly protective of her friends, and if she perceives one of them to be hurting, she'll move mountains to make them feel better.
    Bad Qualities: But I mean seriously this twit is an absolute idiot. She has no concept of her own relative strength and has never encountered a fight she didn't go charging into irrespective of how out of her element she was-- it's stunning that somehow she hasn't gotten herself killed by now. And though she's got a remarkable sense for people's emotions, she's also incredibly naive, and she sometimes either doesn't know how to interpret the emotions she recognises or chooses to ignore them if she doesn't like the implications they lead to.
    Habits: She doesn't drink or do any drugs, but she does have a really bad habit of crawling into her companions' bedrolls at night and cuddling them. It's pretty obnoxious. She also has a bad habit of referring to whoever she happens to be talking to at any given moment as her 'best friend', which would be hurtful if anybody actually wanted to be her best friend.
    Turn-Ons: Sadora likes most kinds of people, really. It's hard to make her truly dislike you: as long as you're decent at heart (and she has a way of telling) you're good in her book.
    Turn-Offs: On the other hand, she has a way of telling if somebody's rotten to the core, and for these people, she's got two fists and a lot of punching to do.
    Talents: Aside from her knack for narrative and her sense for the emotions of others, Sadora is an admittedly talented storyteller. She loves legends and myths, knows enough to fill several volumes, and she's pretty good at reenacting them.
    Sadora is... uh, what's the word? Oh right! An idiot. She's an idiot. She has no concept of what she can and can't do, regularly does things that almost certainly should kill her because they seem exciting, and appears convinced that she is, in fact, a world-class hero and not a somewhat dim-witted fistfighter with not much to boast other than an almost preternatural luck. But she's got a good heart, and earnestly believes that she can and should do anything she can to help the people around her-- even if she kind of loses track of that thought the second she hears a dragon and decides 'ooh, I'm going to go put it in a chokehold'.


    Background Information: Nobody would have thought the mythical Dragonborn could possibly turn out to be this. The Dovahkiin was meant to be a great Nord warrior, a hero whose sword felled demigods, whose shield held the darkest aberrations of the abyss at bay. She was most decidedly not meant to be a completely witless Dunmer wanderer who crossed the border into Skyrim and managed to instantly get herself arrested and sent to the headsman's block.

    Call it what you will-- divine intervention or the luck of a fool-- but that wasn't destined to be the day Irvsvyne Sadora perished. Instead, it was the day Skyrim discovered that its saviour was literally the dumbest living thing in the world. She escaped certain death, and in doing so embarked on a quest that would prove her greatest-- more importantly, over the course of that quest, she found something she'd never had before: a family. And that meant more to her than all the adventure and all the heroics in the world.
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