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Three Incarnations

Discussion in 'One x One Searches' started by Kenji, Jan 5, 2017.

  1. Kenji

    Kenji Member

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    12:02 PM
    Hey there. As you can tell, I'm still a newbie here, but the style of this forum has given me a new idea that I'm honestly itching to try out - multiple incarnations of the same character. Will these develop into something bigger? I'm still working on that. For now, though, these are the characters I'll be using. I haven't finalized the incarnations yet - I'm still working on their profiles - but I can at least give a rough summary.

    Kenji - The swordsman. The warrior. Though logical through and through, he has taken himself to uphold justice and honor however he can. Fast and quiet, he utilizes agility and cunning to take decisive action and win victories. Preferring not to drag others with him, he often fights alone so that others may live in peace. Though he is often stoical, he can give into his passions, and to those who know him personally, he is a warm-hearted, kind young man. A stalwart ally and a dangerous enemy, those seeking him should still be wary.

    Matthias - The dragon. The soldier. Stoic and calm to the point of showing almost no emotion, he is a very disciplined individual. Favoring direct questions and answers, he sees little point in small talk and would rather cut to the heart of the matter. He shoulders through his burdens and trials with his strength, will, and intelligence, he does whatever is necessary to achieve his objectives. He can receive and give commands as necessary, and can inspire many to follow him, though he can also work alone if need be.

    Now then, as for their three incarnations...

    Feudal/Fantasy - A war has erupted between two countries that has lasted centuries now - between the lands of Asphodel and Suzaku. The albino knight Matthias, a man who clawed his way up from slavery to his command, leads the elite vanguard, the Gungnir company, against Suzaku. General Kenji, a master swordsman hailing from the far reaches, is the head of the Ishida family, a small but powerful clan comprised of powerful warriors. Their roles meant their paths have often crossed, and always met with bloodshed. No side has gained an advantage yet, though that might soon change...

    Sci-Fi - The Galactic Alliance reaches far into the galaxy, though with such a large dominion comes trouble. Dissent from both outside and inside is becoming more widespread, and everything seems to be on the verge of rebellion. Exacerbating the situation is the assassination of several high-ranked officials, ones who might be capable of quelling such unrest. By virtue of service record and special exception, Captain Matthias Teren of the Harbinger Corps has been tasked to hunt down the assassin, identified as one Kenji Chan, and bring him to answer for his crimes.

    Madness - All the trials and tribulations have proven too much for these incarnations, and both Matthias and Kenji have lost to their inner demons. Kenji the half-demon is consumed by his drive for justice, and Matthias the dragon has succumbed to his draconic instincts. In their madness, they each ripped open dimensional gates. Matthias stormed and seized the realm of Heaven, ruling as his right as the strongest, while Kenji through strength, guile, and cruelty, took the throne of Hell. Their armies stormed the mortal world, taking much under their dominion. Their empires expanded, and it wouldn't be long until their forces finally met in brutal combat.

    As for what kind of partner or who I'm looking for, quite honestly, I'm open to anyone and anything. I prefer heterosexual relationships for romances, so no yaoi or futa or suchlike. Aside from that though, I'm fairly flexible and open to just about anything.

    So, any takers? This should be fun.