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Tracking My Chaotic Self

Discussion in 'Thread Trackers & Testing Forum' started by Lady, Jun 8, 2016.

  1. Lady

    Lady Fellow Daydreamer

    Likes Received:
    Personal Assistant
    Local Time:
    11:04 AM
    Current 1x1 Searches:


    Current Group Searches:
    Closed to New Players


    Group Games:

    The Last Game
    Co-GMs: Inky, Escasriet, Ozferatu
    Genre: Sci-fi, Fantasy
    Information Thread:
    Character Thread:
    OOC: Currently via PM Only
    IC: Coming Soon
    My Characters: Varya

    Notes: Under Construction, Starting Soon.


    One on One Games:

    To Save a Kingdom
    Partner: KoolKatKyda
    Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
    OOC: None/PM
    My Characters: Zelle Hildengarde, Dark Lady Melanthe, Cassandra the ex-thief
    Angels Book of Names
    Partner: Ceira
    Genre: Supernatural Modern
    Characters: Various


    PM Roleplays:

    Virtually Real with MagsCael

    Stranded with Escasriet

    The Last Game (not canon to group RP) with:


    •Caldor Hadvinger


    One on Ones In Planning:
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2016
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