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Various pairings Wanting to polish/upping my roleplay ^w^

Discussion in 'One x One Searches' started by Yuki-Wolf, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. Yuki-Wolf

    Yuki-Wolf Member

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    10:58 AM
    Well, i'm trying to polish up my Roleplay as well as trying to increase it. I usually do Fantasy Roleplays that includes creatures as well. Well, i will let you know, i only have one character at the moment, but if you wish to pair any of my characters(When i make more) up with yours for a Rp, Please, don't hesitate to ask. I am always willing to do more Rp's of any kind(To some extend).
    Heres some of the kind of roleplay categories i do~:
    *Kingdom(I also do group versions of it as well)
    *Modern Fantasy
    *Freelance(i have done a rp before where any characters are allowed, as well as how the mood of the roleplay goes, so it can evolve into either horror or romance or a tragedy, roleplays like that branches out and i like those since I am open minded)
    If you are wondering what i don't like in a roleplay, please ask me, and also if you do wonder, I do roleplay as a female to, since i will also have female characters(Im a male and mainly male characters, but i want to expand my horizon :3). Also click Nya--->Characters<--- For my Character Roster :3, it will be updated if i make more characters, or if i make one in our Rp ill add it in, with extra details. :biggrin: Please don't forget, Im always open, Have fun, And enjoy roleplaying ^w^, I also do hope i get to have some new roleplaying friends :biggrin:.
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