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Extreme War of the Beasts Character Profile

Discussion in 'Group Roleplay Profiles' started by Kenico, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. Kenico

    Kenico Swordfreak

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    Name: Brom Kayne

    Age: 25

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Rank: Man-At-Arms

    Weapon of choice: Longsword

    Personality: mostly cheery and gregarious, tries to show kindness and be a friend to all. On the battlefield he is all business and is ruthless to any who threaten him or his comrades.

    Bio: Born in the farmlands of Northern Aldan to a rather large family, Brom was a farmer and a hunter, two skills that he learned from his father, along with the art of knifeplay. His mother was an herbalist, teaching him some tricks of how to make medicines and treatments, along with how to read and write. He was rather peaceful at his farm, bordering the great forests of old, however he had longed for something more in life. He wanted some adventure and excitement. Therefore, with blessing from his family, he took a small bag of gold, a knife, and a walking stick, and left to seek his fortune.

    It would be dumb luck that he would meet an aging knight, one once famous throughout Aldan, who saw promise in the young man. This promise would prompt the aging knight into teaching him how to properly use a long sword, a specialty Brom carries to this day. Sadly, only a year after their meeting and bond, the old man died when Brom was the age of 17. However, the old knight left two things behind that Brom cherish to this day: The old Knight's sword, and his ancient Armor Gwyn. With these two in hand, Brom went across the sea, earning a killing in back alley fights in his Armor. It would be during one of these fights that he would meet Captain Hawkwood, who would later invite him to join his company. Brom has been there ever since, making the rank of Man-At-Arms in Jon's campaigns...

    Name: Gwyn

    Type: Standard (also known as Medium)

    Weapons: Longsword, imbued with a crystal in the hilt to allow the sword to extend and retract, allowing the blade for easy storage and carrying. blade is imbued with magical crystal pulverized into dust for added cutting strength. Also carries two short knives hidden on his person for emergency situations in case the Longsword is not available.

    Colors: Bone white for the armor with, Blue Crystals dotting the Armor (Yes I know the crystals in the shoulders and chest are light green but I couldn't paint them right so just imagine that they are all dark blue)

    Name: Ser Jon Hawkwood

    Age: 55

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human

    Rank: Captain

    Weapon of choice: Arming sword

    Personality: depends on who he is dealing with. To his men he is gregarious as he is charismatic. To his clients, cold, aloof, and professional. To his enemies, ruthless and dangerous.

    Bio: Born the son of a Tanner along the south western coasts of Adlan, Jon Hawkwood became tired of the sedentary life and sought to bring not only adventure for himself but more money for his starving family. He got his chance when he laid his hands on a discarded Armor, fixing it up and teaching himself how to use it. He would see first combat experience when he unintentionally joined in during one of Aldan's civil wars, where he fought for the loosing side. However, as it would be discovered, Jon found he had an aptitude for military tactics and sound commanding, which led him to be granted command of his own unit of Men-at-Arms. The civil war would last for ten long years, scaring Hawkwood to the horrors of war. It was during this time that he would gain respect among the men under his command as a fair leader and a brave commander.

    It would be in the final year of the war that Jon would have one of his greatest triumphs and tragedies. For his service to the Aldan Crown, he was granted knighthood, a feat no one has yet able to accomplish across Siebentir due to his status as a commoner. However, as he returned home in triumph and with bags of gold, he found that his family and their farm destroyed. No one was left alive from the attack, leaving Jon no one to call chance at turning back...with his wealth, he poured it into forming a small group of sellswords, purchasing a ship and taking them across the narrow cove and into the Confederacy. It would be there for the next 20 years Jon and his Hawkes Company would gain their reputation of being fierce warriors and one of the best Free Companies in the Confederacy.

    Name: Gungnir

    Type: Medium (More heavy oriented but still light enough to not be classified as Heavy)

    Weapons: Primary Weapon is a Mace, normally used for crushing his opponents armor. Secondary weapon is a short sword, used for attacking the weak spots in the armor of of an opponents Suit. Third weapon is a knife, used as a weapon of last resort. Also sports a shield for defense.

    Colors: 35 years of constant warfare has worn down its once silver sheen, leaving only the dull gray armor beneath.
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2016
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