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Extreme War of the Beasts OOC

Discussion in 'Group OOC' started by Kenico, Aug 9, 2016.

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    serveimage - Copy - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy.png
    Siebentir, a Continent enjoying a Century of an eerily long peace, has enjoyed a period of prosperity and progress under the Great Reformation. It is a period of architecture, science, literature, philosophy, religion, and technology. All of this would not have been possible with the fall of the Old Ceran Empire (Now the Iberian Imperium and The Confederacy of Independent-City States) and its archaic ways.

    However, the peace has become recently shaky in the last decade thanks in part to the death of King Charlemage (Charlie-Mage), leaving behind three sons as heirs to his dynasty. To avoid war, King Charlemage divided his Kingdom of Franka into the three Kingdoms known today. The sons, who took their surnames from the three wives of Charlemage, now are rivals for complete control, each seeking to reforge Franka once again into a unified nation. However, with the division of a nation, comes a division of economy and Magic.

    Therefore, the Kingdoms have resorted to hiring Free Companies, bands of mercenaries that the monarchs and nobles despise for their lack of loyalty to anything other than the coin, who operate and fight the various city-states wars in the confederacy. One such Company, prospected for hiring to fight for King Charles, is Captained by an Aldanman by the name of Ser Jon Hawkwood, who in a few short years went from being the son of a Tanner to one who commands a Company of Infantry, Cavalry, Supply, and most dominantly Armors, the iron giants that practically brought down the Ceran Empire long ago.

    Now the Hawke Company find themselves locked between the Dragon of Charles and the Lion of Carlos, and their struggle to unite their fathers kingdom, with one of them as its King. As the other nations watch this Mafia-like Struggle, The Hawke Company must choose sides, buckle up, and prepare for the fight of their lives...Who will Survive?


    Setting: The setting is reminiscent of the late Middle Ages Early Renaissance Periods, with an eclectic mixture of the various costumes and various fantasy attires.

    Culture: Each culture is as diverse as the peoples around them. The three Kingdoms to the the east are comprised of French origin with some hints of Spanish. The Kingdom of Aldan is English/Germanic in terms of cultures, The Imperium is a clash of French, Spanish, and Italian predominantly, The Principality is mostly Nordic in terms of origins and finally the confederation is the melting pot of this continent.

    Climate: Oddly enough Siebentir is located South of the equator of what they call The World. Which means that the Northern lands, located closer to the Equator, are much warmer than lands far South (Translation: Take Europe and place it below the Equator with England near Antartica. Boom). What is north of their Equator is not known, however according to ships who head too far north, there is a huge cliff of ice. These reports boomed into a legend that North of the Equator is a land of never ending winter.

    Months of the Year:

    Religion: There is no one faith. In fact, there are hundreds ranging from the cult of saints (saint worship), to the cult of ancestors (ancestor worship), to the worship of deities to the worship of nature itself. All however are under the regulation and monitoring of what is known as the Circle of Faiths. Basically it is a body of monks and priests from the various faiths and religions that archive, categorize and keep track of the various faiths and cults that rise and fall. They technically have no real power politically as a whole, but the individual faiths that are in this Circle do in some form or another command some power (think A Nato of Religions if you want to get a good idea of how this works).

    Faith of the Elves*: The Elvish Faith is based on the elements of the nature, they believe that the nature and all those living things were created by four Gods that united their powers. ìÿh (earth); röpìs (water); ìns (air) and bìy (fire). ìÿh is the God that controls all the landscapes and the animals and plants that live in it; röpìs is the Goddess that controls the rivers, lakes, oceans and the ice and all the creatures and plants that live in it as well as the moon; ìns is the Goddess that controls the air and the creatures that flies as well as purity; bìy is the God that takes care of all the warm, fire, volcanoes and the sun. ìÿh and ìns are siblings, röpìs and bìy are siblings too.

    Each Elvish tribe have a stronger belief in one of such Gods. The Moon, Termal and Ice Elves are devoted to röpìs; the Desert Elves to bìy, Wood and Mountain Elves to ìÿh; and all the Elves are devoted to ìns since all the living things need to breath. They ask for protection using the different crystals as trinkets, different color crystals helps in different sort of things and are energised with different nature powers. Red, yellow and orange crystals are related to fire; all shades of blue and purple crystals to the water, green and brown crystals to the earth; and grey and white crystals to the air.

    Elves also use plants and seeds to create potions that are used as medicines and energisers to help and cure ill people. They also have a great respect to all the living things, being it animals or plants. Elves are one of the most pacific tribes among the ones in Siebentir, just fighting if needed to, they never enter in a fight that aren't their fight but they're wonderful swords and shields makers, energising such weapons with their crystals.


    The Blessed Nine**

    Cogad - God of War, Governance, Death (Murder and Deceit)

    Saol - Goddess of the Hunt, Nature, Life (Decay)

    Eagna - Goddess of Wisdom, Mercy, Justice (Debauchery)

    Gneas - God of Desire, Beauty, Love (Sins)

    Cre - God of Agriculture, Earth, Sky (Madness)

    Ceol - Goddess of Art/Craft, Festivities, Music (Nightmares)

    Taisteal - God of Travel, Home, Commerce (Corruption)

    Oiche - Goddess of Marriage, Night, Knowledge (Bargains)

    Ghrian - God of Power, Fire, Sun, Time (Secrets, Curses)

    In the beginning there existed only the plane where the Gods and Goddesses resided. Their existence was governed by one all knowing creator, Chruthu, whose time was quickly coming to an end. It was in her final hour that she created the world known today, giving life to all. She asked of the other Gods and Goddesses to step up and Govern the world she created in her absence, and so there arose the Blessed Nine who would care for the world and add on to it. When Chruthu finally left the plane, she left behind a part of herself in the new world she had created, a part within crystals found throughout the world now enriched with her magic.

    The Blessed Nine did just as their name describes and blessed the world with their gifts but in all things there must be a balance and though the Nine were Blessed they were also Malevolent beings. They gave birth to sin, lies, and all manner of evil in the world that Chruthu had left behind, knowing that life cannot thrive without both the good and bad.

    They are worshiped mainly by nomads and most who reside within the Iberian Imperium.

    The Twelve:
    Note: all gods and goddesses are actually mates to one another save for the Loim, King of the gods
    Gwydion (Gah-WEYE-DEE-ON) : King of the Gods, Father of Creation, Ultimate Judge
    Magda: Queen of the Gods, Mother of Life, Patron of the Races

    Zhar: God of War and Change
    Shalom: Goddess of Peace and Balance

    Ikkar: God of the Land and Domesticated Animals
    Faline: Goddess of the Forest and Wild Animals

    Jamuka: God of Travelers and Messengers
    Tinaran: Goddess of Sailors and Traders

    Valum: God of Heroes and Judges
    Vaness: Goddess of Heroines and Seamstresses

    Onin: God of Magic and Warden of Tartus (Their version of Hell)
    Freen: Goddess of Science and Wardeness of Vala (Their version of Heaven)

    There are two other gods but they are only refereed to in the Creation Story. Long ago there was Gwydion. He had become lonely and was in need of a companion, so he created Magda, and she brought him comfort. But then the calling of motherhood came over her and she wanted children, so out of love for his wife, and in need to be a father, Gwydion created the heavens, the world, and the Races to live in it as her children. Magda watched over her children, and when she was happy, Gwydion was happy, and with their happiness the world was in balance. Out of the Races, 12 became Gwydion and Magda's first born children. They would intermarry and become the Gods and Goddesses we know today. However there 5 Goddesses, and 7 Gods. The other two were brothers, who did not find wives but were the true princes of the World. Their True names are lost to memory but they are both known as the Golden Prince...and the Fallen One. Both were the first children that Gwydion ever created for Magda, both were as powerful as the other.

    For a time all was at peace and the World again was in balance. However, the one now known as the Fallen One (or Maleficum in some denominations), jealous and greedy to become like Father, challenged his family for claim of the throne. The Golden Prince, true to his father and seeing himself as Guardian of Creation, stepped forth to oppose his brother. What began was a war between brothers, with Gwydion forbidding the others to interfere. With the Fallen One came the Demons, vicious creatures who would stop at nothing but to destroy their master's father's Creations. From the Golden Prince came the most powerful creatures in Creation, one that Gwydion himself claimed to be the most powerful second only to his children and himself: Dragons. Brother fought Brother, Dragon fought Demon, and the world was split from the Heavens. It would be the Golden Princes' sacrifice, throwing himself and his Brother the Fallen One into the Night Door, that would change the balance of power. Without their leader, having been made no more than minions, the Demons began to fall one by one before the Dragons, whose father trained them to be wise and self sufficient. When it was finished, the Demons were banished to Tartus, with Onin taking charge to guard the door into that place saved only for them and the most heinous of souls.

    According to the Texts of the Twelve, The final battle between the Gods and their fallen brother will come with the End War, with the Fallen One escaping back to the World. His brother, the Golden Prince will follow after him and after each rally all their allies, will engage in a final battle to determine the fate of Creation. According to Texts, Gwydion declares that "Good and Evil in mortal lives are fragile and one can be vanquished like the other." What this means in terms as who will be victorious, no one knows.

    In the Faith of the Twelve, the Concept of Saints is widespread, as they are seen as the agents of the Gods and therefore revered as either lesser or demi-gods.

    The Trio:
    The Trio is a trinity of Nature Goddesses that represent motherly nature and life and death properties.

    The Maiden: The Maiden represents Innocence, Virginity, and the young woman. She also represents lust, carnal needs, and is the patron of prostitutes and young Warrioresses. She represents Carnal and Young Love

    The Mother: The Mother represents experience, knowledge, and patience. She is the mother and helper to children, but is also the vicious beast who will kill any who threaten an innocent. She represents Platonic and Motherly Love

    The Matron: The Matron represents Wisdom, Discernment, and life and death. She is the Grandmother, the woman who has seen and done everything, who is more than happy to pass on her wisdom to any willingly seeking it. She represents True and Spiritual Love

    Magic: Magic comes in the form of Crystals, which in turn power everything from horseless carriages to buggies, to siege engines. They are also the source of power for the 30 foot tall Humanoid machines called Armors, which have become the dominant weapon on the battlefield. However, this has not deterred Horse Mounted Cavalry and Infantry, as they have weapons imbued with smaller versions of the Crystals in order to have some level of combat against Armors.
    Spells: A spell in Siebentir speak is the equivalent of programming for a machine. In example is if you have a crystal implanted in your weapon (Both in Humanoid Sized and in Armors), with the crystal inscribed with the desired spell, that spell will be activated upon activation. The drawback is one must know the Runic Language in order to properly "Cast" or write spells.

    Armatus: These beasts are 30 foot tall humanoid suits of armor, that have become the most powerful weapons to dominate the battlefield of Siebentir. The denonym for all Armatus Pilots is Armsmen. The standard height of an Armatus is the mentioned 30 feet. However there have been reports of custom Armatai (plural of Armatus) being 1-3 feet taller than the norm to accommodate taller Armsmen. They are powered but large Magical Crystals, which grant them the power needed to move and fight. Currently there are Three Types of Armatus:

    Standard: A multipurpose Armatus that is balanced and good for even the most inexperienced Armsmen. They are neither good nor bad, however their strengths and weaknesses depend on the modifications their Armsmen implement, as go to the other two types.

    Light Infantry: An Armatus that is designed for speed and agility in mind. Capable of fast speeds and agile feats, however it is vulnerable to heavy and crushing blows.

    Heavy Infantry: An Armatus that is heavily armored and equipped with extra Crystals to power the heavy muscles that make this beast move. They are great for front line defenses, but with all that armor comes the drawback of it being heavy and maneuverable in some cases of combat.

    Weapons and Warfare: While Armatai are indeed the dominant weapons on the battlefield, the Infantry and Cavalry are still prevalent. They along with Siege Tech, still are integral in the tactics of commanders. Everything that the conventional troops use are used by Armatai: Swords, Axes, Bows, Spears, Crossbows, with the more Melee type weapons being able to be imbued with small crystal shards to give them magical properties specifically enhanced cutting power. Ranged weapons such as Crossbows and bows cannot be imbued as they are a danger to the shooter as they would be to the targets. Weapons like Guns do not exist, because the ability to shoot use Crystals has not been discovered for viable Safe means.

    Free Company: The concept of the Free Company originated in the Confederacy, where out of work knights needed money to survive, merchants who didn't want to fight, and both wanted what the other had. In other words, Merchants paid the knights, knights killed the merchants rivals, both got rich. That doesn't mean that they are normally thugs who go around murder and mayhem...some like the Hawk Company have an ordered hierarchy. However, they vary from Company to Company. However again, the base model, used by the first Free Company known as Archer's Avengers, used by the Hawk Company themselves, appears as the following:

    Captain: Leader

    Lieutenant: there should be about 4 of them to each Captain (Infantry, Cavalry, Armatus, Supply. Note: Some would even have Artillery but they were normally mixed with Supply), who then command a Unit consisting of Sergeants and their Platoons

    Sergeant: Leader of a Platoon consisting of a Sergeant and Four Man-At-Arms

    Man-At-Arms: Leader of a Squad consisting of a Man-At-Arms and three Troopers

    Trooper: Basic Trained Soldier who worked in any of the four branches of the Company.

    Recruit: someone with absolutely no military skills but are spare bodies. Normally undergo basic training while assigned to supply. When complete they may choose to join the Infantry, Cavalry, Armatus, or remain in Supply.

    Waifs (Creatures who are mystical like elves but appear to be human)
    Bestial (Beasts in humanoid form)

    Main story: The RP follows the lives of individuals of the Hawk Company as they fight for what will become the Wars of the Beasts.

    Character Sheet:
    (Image Here)
    Weapon of choice:

    Armor(Optional) :
    Weapon(s) :

    Well there they are. the lore and CS. Any questions? :)

    *special thanks to @BlabbingGirl for her contribution.
    **special thanks to @Miss Wood for her contribution.​
    Last edited: Sep 20, 2016
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