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Mature WIP RP plots / drafts / scraps

Discussion in 'Journals' started by Hooligan, Aug 1, 2015.

  1. Hooligan

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    Deep within the limitless terrains of the cosmos, there is a set of unchangeable rules in order to keep balance among the many energies of the universe. It has always existed since the beginning of time, and will continue to exist until the very end of this world, conceived of a set of predetermined events that have happened, are happening, and will happen in the future of a fickle thing we call time. This set of rules and regulations is more commonly referred to as destiny.

    It is unavoidable, and unchangeable. No matter what one may do, their destiny will always be the same. It is decided from their birth, and when the right time comes, destiny will claim them and open the door to the next world...

    Our story starts in the land of ???. This land has been watched over for centuries by three Goddesses.

    One of Moon, who controlled all of the natural phenomena such as gravity, balance, and tides.

    One of Earth, who embodied everything living, breathing, and tangible.

    And one of Sun, who reigned over light and energy.

    Each of these Goddesses was entrusted, by the cosmos itself, to keep balance and power between each other and their darker selves. But with no physical forms, they found it increasingly difficult to interact with the peoples of ???, and though the Goddesses have always been there idly, keeping things afloat in peace and growing the realm in elegance and beauty, eventually even they were forgotten. Their temples burned down with reformation, and the monuments depicting the goddesses were toppled.

    And thus the Goddesses' powers grew weaker and weaker as they lost the faith of the people. They began to age and fade back into the vast blackness of interstellar space. But with this infernal reformation on ???, the Goddesses knew that their darker sides, their twins called the Anti-Gods, grew more powerful.

    These Anti-Gods embodied the opposite of what the Goddesses did. They were Chaos, Death, and Darkness. With the decline of the Goddesses, their powers strengthened. They used their powers to bend the realm to their own wills, unchallenged and unchecked by the balance of the weakened Goddesses.

    Thrust into an era of despair, the Goddesses had one choice. They had to find people who could fight for them against the Anti-Gods. But this task wasn't as easy as expected. They searched endlessly through the many cities and towns of ???, and eventually found three people to inherit the last sparks of the Goddesses powers.

    Setting Information:

    Character Races—

    Kingdoms— Zetia, Crotor, Auralon


    • "anti-gods" tentative name. needs better name.

    medieval vs. modern fantasy?

    pros: don't have to explain technology as most people are already familiar with medieval RPs
    cons: seems too basic for the plot

    pros: would be fuckin' sweet
    cons: so much more world building and explaining to do (aka am I going to be lazy?)

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    Last edited: Nov 3, 2015
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